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Configuration and advantages of woodworking processing center

Do you know the composition of the woodworking center? Next, I would like to give you a brief introduction.

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Bed frame

The rigidity of the machine tool determines whether the machine bed is stable, and the machining process of the machine tool determines the accuracy of the machine tool itself. For example, the bed should be annealed through annealing processes such as heat treatment, natural aging, and vibration aging to release stress and ensure the rigidity of the machine tool. After the above technical treatment, powerful manufacturers will weld the bed by themselves.

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Guide slider

Linear guides can be divided into three types: roller linear guides, cylindrical linear guides, and ball linear guides. The former has slightly lower speed and accuracy, and the latter has higher speed and accuracy. In general, self-lubricating, maintenance-free guide rails should be selected to ensure accuracy.

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Rack screws

Transmission can be divided into rack transmission and screw transmission. Gear transmission is one of the most widely used transmission types in mechanical transmission. Accurate transmission, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life. Head threads are the most commonly used transmission elements in machine tools and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial repetitive force. It also features high precision, excellent reversibility and high efficiency. On the market, screw drives are more expensive than rack drives.

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Electric spindle

Motor types are generally divided into stepper motors and servo motors. A servo motor is an engine that controls the operation of the mechanical parts of a servo system. Subsidize the indirect transmission of the electric motor. Servo motors can control speed and position accuracy very precisely. The voltage signal can be converted into torque and speed to drive the controlled object.

The main shaft is generally divided into air-cooled, water-cooled and self-cooled. The main shaft adopts water cooling method, which has good cooling effect, but the maintenance is complicated. Usually, you need clean water. After long-term use, the oxide scale will corrode the inside of the spindle. The main shaft is air-cooled, which is easy to maintain and use, and does not have the cooling effect of water cooling. Different materials use different power. For example, a typical acrylic sheet is machined with a spindle of less than 3.0Kw. Due to the stable vibration amplitude of the low output spindle, the workpiece surface becomes smooth, improving the effect. The solid wood door adopts an output power of more than 9.0Kw, the cutting power is large, and the processing efficiency is high.

Adsorption table

The size of the suction cup is the main parameter of the machining center, which mainly depends on the shape, size and fixing method of the workpiece. A table that is slightly larger than sheet metal working should be chosen to allow room for fixing or fixing fixtures. You also need to consider the load carrying capacity of the workbench. If the load carrying capacity is insufficient, consider the table size to increase the load carrying capacity. At present, many CNC machining center manufacturers choose vacuum suction cups, which can absorb workpieces in vacuum and fix clamping grooves. This can make the workpiece more firmly fixed, and the processing is more accurate. The most basic axes are X, Y, Z, and their movement is proportional to the size of the table. The size of the table basically determines the size of the processing space.

Automatic tool changer

Automatic tool changing system is an important part of woodworking machining center. The main thing is to move the necessary tools from the tool magazine to the headstock. The structure of the tool magazine and the tool changing mechanism affect the tool changing efficiency. The tool magazines commonly used in machining centers are tool magazines, tool magazines and disc tool magazines. These three hat magazines provide quick tool changes and accurate tool placement.

Solid wood five-axis machining center CNC machining center, as the main application model for processing solid wood, can perform milling, slotting, drilling, tenon and tenon, surface contour milling, engraving, etc.

The advantage is:

(1) The degree of automation is high, and almost or all of the machining of the workpiece is completed with a fixture, which ensures the machining accuracy of the workpiece and improves the machining efficiency.

(2) Consistency and quality of machined parts The high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools can easily ensure the consistency of parts size and greatly reduce human errors.

(3) Strong adaptability to machined parts, high flexibility and good flexibility. CNC machine tools shorten the product development cycle and provide convenient conditions for new product development and rapid adaptation to changing market demands.

The woodworking center is open to all high-end customers, and can produce works with complex designs, various shapes and high precision that require multiple knives.

The woodworking center has only one machine head, but one tool magazine. The capacity of 8, 12 and other tool magazines varies depending on the model. When you change tools, the machine head moves to the tool magazine and selects the tool you need. , then go back to continue sculpting.

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