Metal Pipe and Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Sheet & Tube Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine have a better processing range , it can work for sheet metal and tube metal , it is a good choice if you have more diverse work ,it also can add exchange table and cover.

500w 1000w 1500w 2000w sheet metal online for raycus fiber laser cutting machine price steel stainless thickness.

In order to meet the needs of customers for cutting metal pipe and sheet, iGOLDEN launched the muti-functional Metal Pipe and Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine(Model:PE- 3015F). This cutting machine is adopted the Taiwan’s screw guide, Panasonic servo and drive, the cutting machine can improve the working efficiency greatly. And the pipe diameter of cutting machine can up to 200mm (can be customized according to customer needs ). Moreover, the cutting machine’s design with rotary auxiliaries can solve the technical problems for cutting pipe and sheet.

Select Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machines, first you need to confirm the thickness and size of the cutting plate or pipe, Igolden laser has from 1000W-30000W power Laser Cutting Machines to choose, Work surface can be customized according to your needs. After confirming good equipment, you can go to peers or the market to understand equipment performance and equipment parameters, select good performance laser cutting machine company, service number of manufacturers to communicate in the early stage, and to the factory on-site sampling, later can be the configuration of equipment, prices, services and so on have a detailed understanding. The core parts of the cutting machine, such as lasers, cutting heads, water tanks, etc., should be especially careful when choosing, because the quality of these parts can directly affect the quality of the cutting.

Dual-use Metal Sheet Pipe Tube Laser Cutting Machine

This metal laser cutter can effectively cut pipe, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, parallel oval tube, D-tube and other styles of pipe.

The metal laser cutter main processing materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, all kinds of alloy plate, rare metals.

The metal laser cutter main application industry: sheet metal industry, kitchenware industry, elevator mobile phone industry, advertising industry, chassis cabinet industry, machinery parts processing industry, precision machining industry, automobile manufacturing industry, daily light industry, agricultural machinery and food machinery industry, hardware bathroom industry, Medical fitness equipment industry.

tube laser cutting machine

1.The metal laser cutter’s controller with a touch screen operating system:

  • Fiber laser controller installed on the computer (English version of Windows XP system);
  • Ytterbium laser cutting system, automatic optimized cutting path calculation, industrial computer installed software;
  • Touch screen operation system to control the laser head (adjust the distance between the laser head and metal material); wireless control handle can control the laser cutting head movement trajectory.

2.The metal laser cutter is adopts Lasermach(USA) and PRECITEC(Germany ) automatic focus laser cutting head (metal sensor) :Laser cutting head nozzle contact metal plate surface, cutting head automatically move up and down, high sensitivity, good stability. No obvious spark phenomenon.

3.The metal laser cutter with 3HP high-power water chillers: adopts water cooling method to keep the laser head always work in constant temperature(plus or minus 5 degrees), to ensure the the stability and fast operation of the laser.

4.The metal laser cutter with Raycus 1000W (IPG1000W) fiber laser generator:photoelectric conversion rate is high, high beam quality, work life of more than 100,000 hours, no maintenance costs.

5.The cutting machine is adopted Japan’s Panasonic servo motor and drive: improve the cutting speed and stability. Positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 0.05mm; maximum moving speed 90m / min, maximum effective cutting area 1500 * 3000mm. The servo system has good dynamic response acceleration characteristics for smooth operation, reliable, no maintenance.

6.Self-service refueling, alarm system, smoke device: Laser cutting machine tracks can automatically be refueled, always ensure track lubrication. laser cutting machine alarm system to remind the situation of the role of the machine. Smoke device can extract the smoke in the cutting process, to protect the working environment.

7.Rotary aids: the unique design with rotary auxiliaries can solve the technical problems for cutting pipe.

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