ATC CNC router and Multi head CNC router, which one is more suitable for you?

The two machines have different settings and throughput, therefore, their applicable processing ranges are different. On the one hand, ATC CNC router are very popular in many industries, such as furniture, advertising, and crafts. On the other hand, multi head CNC router are more economical and are mainly used in the furniture industry.

Furniture industry: solid wood and artificial wood

In the furniture industry, CNC woodworking machine can process solid wood or artificial wood to manufacture cabinets, doors and other furniture. ATC CNC router can quickly change tools without stopping work and processing different styles of furniture. It can process European-style furniture, American-style furniture and Chinese-style retro furniture with complex patterns.

ATC equipment enables the machine to perform various engraving techniques, including contours, curves, arcs, etc. Its products reflect a beautiful and noble appearance.

ATC CNC engraving machine can carve exquisite patterns on furniture and make high-end wooden furniture. ATC CNC machine has the functions of cutting, engraving, grooving and drilling. This machine can not only process common furniture such as cabinets and doors, but also make corrugated paper and partitions for interior decoration.

For small and medium-sized wooden furniture processing companies, they may want to find a cheaper alternative to automatic tools. In this case, the multi head CNC router is a cost-effective choice. The machine is reasonably priced and suitable for processing simple furniture, such as solid wood doors, wardrobes, sliding doors, etc.

Advertising industry: PVC, acrylic, ABS

In the advertising industry, CNC router are mainly used to make advertising signs from various materials. If you need a machine for manufacturing display panels, a CNC machine with an automatic tool changer is the ideal choice. This machine can process PVC boards, acrylic boards, ABS boards and other materials used to make advertising boards.

ATC CNC router is equipped with high-end imported control system. The user designs the tool path and automatically modifies it, and the machine immediately completes all processing steps. The ATC CNC router is very efficient in processing the display panel and can save a lot of labor costs. Users can manage different types of billboards, logos, plastic decorative panels or brands. In addition, users can customize the panel according to customer needs. The processed logo is beautiful and practical. They can attract more tourists and promote business perfectly.

Linear tool loader advertising CNC machine is very suitable for users who conduct business in billboard and sign processing. The processing cost is low, the operation is convenient, and the cutting effect is good. In addition, high-quality parts can ensure the efficient operation and long life of the machine.

Forming industry: foam

In the foam processing industry, CNC engraving machine with automatic tool changers are more efficient. The CNC engraving machine in the foam processing industry is mainly used for processing 3D engraving and making foam molds and foam sculptures. These foam products can be used in automobile exhibitions, mechanical model exhibitions and art exhibitions. 3D foam carving requires different types of cutting tools to complete the work. Therefore, the ATC CNC  machine can better meet the complex needs of foam carving.

ATC CNC switching tool can perform various styles of processing without stopping work. You can perform various effects on the foam, including cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving, etc. This CNC foam cutter with automatic tool changer makes foam processing more efficient. Its high efficiency depends on Italian spindle, Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and Syntec control system. The machine runs stably and the machining accuracy is high.

ATC CNC machines and multi head CNC router have higher processing efficiency and precision than ordinary woodworking CNC machine. Relatively speaking, ATC CNC router have wider applications in various industries.

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