CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine equipment

In order to better meet the needs of customers for furniture production, a series of machines such as panel furniture production lines are now widely used. So what is the working principle and classification of furniture production line? CNC cutting machine is also a kind of CNC machine tool. Including main furniture cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, cabinet doors, tatami mats, office furniture, etc. Of course, it can also be applied to billboard engraving, architectural decoration, musical instruments and handicraft engraving. Its main working principle is similar to that of woodworking CNC engraving machine. The tool is driven by the spindle to rotate at high speed to complete the drilling, cutting and engraving process.

There are several common types of CNC cutting machines, such as multi-process CNC cutting machines, automatic tool changing CNC cutting machines, automatic loading and unloading CNC cutting machines, drilling machines, edge banding machines, etc. Multi-axis CNC cutting machine is an economical production equipment that can be equipped with different tools for simultaneous machining. Mainly used in the production process. The operation of the machine is relatively simple and does not require frequent tool changes. The automatic loading and unloading machine can automatically load and unload, saving operation time. Equipped with two working surfaces, it is more convenient to realize furniture processing.

CNC cutting machineThe production of panel furniture is mainly divided into two parts: one is the production of cabinets such as wardrobes and cabinets, and the other is the production of door panels such as wardrobe doors and cabinet doors. The main machines used in the production of cabinets and other cabinets include slitters, edgebanders and side rigs. Usually, through the design of intelligent software, we can easily realize the design of various cabinet styles.

CNC cutting machine

In addition to CNC cutting machines, the main equipment for custom cabinet doors and cabinet doors may also require polishing and sanding machines to make the processed samples more delicate, and the processing is more convenient and labor-saving. In addition, vacuum laminating machine is also one of the commonly used machines in furniture production. After a series of grinding and polishing, the finished sample is dried by spraying glue, and then put into a vacuum coating machine for vacuum coating, which can be better formed. In this way, the final product is the wardrobe door that we often see with different patterns and beautiful appearance.


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CNC cutting machine

The advantages of CNC cutting machine

  1. The CNC cutting machine, instead of the traditional manual operation, is the leader in the woodworking industry, which improves the utilization rate of the board! The tool can be used for cutting materials, the materials can be rotated at will, and special-shaped plates are cut. The average utilization rate of each plate is 2.7~2.8 square meters.


  1. Save labor, 2 people for the table saw operate one machine, and 1 person for the feeder operates multiple machines, so there is no need to worry about recruiting people or high wages and difficult management.


  1. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting machine works continuously, while the table saw is pushed and stopped, the board moves around, and the manual effort and time are spent on moving the board. Depends on size.


  1. The machine is very convenient to operate, all data sizes are calculated by computer, the error is zero, and the failure rate is zero. The operation is simple, any coolie can go to work directly after 3-5 hours of factory training.


  1. The machine can pause, lift the speed, adjust the depth at any time, and preview the plane and three-dimensional view of the engraving path. Stepless speed regulation, convenient for engraving different materials, suitable for different industries.



  1. The machine is equipped with special typesetting and blanking software, which can realize automatic typesetting, blanking, special-shaped cutting, vertical punching and other functions, which can completely replace large saws and save saws and costs.


  1. It is suitable for the processing of diversified composite products, such as wooden door industry, cabinet industry, panel furniture, and the production of diversified components (such as cabinets).


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