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Best Laser Engraving Machine for Wood and Metal

There are so many engravers on the market that can engrave and cut all sorts of materials like wood, acrylic, metals, etc. Choosing the best machine can be an uphill task. So if you came here to look for the best engravers for wood and metal, you landed on the right page.

.laser metal engraving machine

The multi-function laser cutting head is suitable for cutting metal and non-metal materials. The fixed optical path compensation system ensures the consistency of the laser spot quality in the entire cutting area. The imported linear guide rail and lead screw conveying system have high rigidity, large transmission torque, eliminate vibration, and the accuracy is several times higher than that of the belt drive system.

laser engraving machine for metal

The self-developed new generation of touch screen motion controllers is designed with touch screen software. The control system supports automatic focusing of metal cutting and non-metal processing, and can easily cut materials of various thicknesses with good results.

The laser cutting machine is a highly integrated device that integrates light, machine, and electricity. It has a high technical content. Compared with traditional machining, laser cutting machine has higher machining accuracy and better flexibility, which is beneficial to improve material utilization and reduce product cost. In order to reduce the burden on workers, it can be said that this is a technological revolution for the manufacturing industry.

wood laser engraving machine

I will help you identify the best engraving machines that are most suited for both wood and metal projects. And all these engravers are not expensive which makes them perfect for your home-based engraving business.

Our own range of CO2 laser machines come in a wide variety of bed sizes and configurations from small desktop styled machines up to high capacity large format machines.

Flatbed CO2 Laser Cutter,Laser Engraver ,cutting materials include Paper, card, greyboard, acrylic, mylar, laser plywood, MDF, woods, engraving laminate, rubber, leather, fabrics.

1325 Automated Wood Door Engraving Machine CNC Router

CO2 laser

Also known as gas lasers, the CO2 lasers use carbon dioxide gas to generate laser beams. When electricity is passed through the gas, it emits laser light with a wavelength of 10,000 nanometers. This wavelength is best suited for working with non-metallic surfaces like leather, wood, and plastics.


A laser is really just a highly concentrated beam of light. In laser engravers, it’s focused using a series of mirrors until it becomes very narrow (as thin as a human hair). This magnification process creates high temperatures that vaporize the surface of the material being engraved, leaving a permanent mark. By varying power and intensity, it’s possible to engrave card stock, leather, wood, metal, stone, glass, ceramics, and a variety of plastics.

With some machines it’s also possible to slice right through the material, cutting out any kind of shape you can imagine — either as individual pieces or part of an assembly. However, some materials are difficult. Metals require high power; acrylics, polycarbonates, and reflective surfaces present technical challenges. There are solutions, but it’s vital to understand the capabilities of any given laser engraver before you buy.

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