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Daily inspection of automatic woodworking cutting machine

Before the full-automatic CNC cutting machine officially works, it is necessary to ensure that the equipment has the processing conditions. So in the process of processing, we need to do a good job of checking all aspects of the equipment, so do you know what conditions need to be checked? How much do you know about this? The following is a detailed summary for everyone, hoping to help you.

Wooden Door Making ATC CNC Router MachineWhen people use the automatic solid wood CNC cutting machine, they need to check whether it has the conditions for normal processing.

A certain gap needs to be maintained between the tool electrode and the machined surface of the workpiece. The gap is determined by electrical standards such as process voltage, pulse current and pulse gap. The gap is usually between tens of microns. If the gap is smaller or larger than this distance, the gap is too small, the positive and negative electrodes are easily short-circuited, and spark discharge cannot be generated. If the gap is too large, the voltage between the electrodes will not easily break down the dielectric and spark discharge will not occur.

When the automatic CNC cutting machine processes the workpiece, it needs to be carried out in an insulating working fluid. Commonly used insulating working fluids are kerosene, saponified fluid, deionized water, etc. Using different working fluids, under the same electrical standard, the processing speed and surface accuracy are different. The insulating working medium has the following functions: it is conducive to the generation of pulsed spark discharge; it eliminates galvanic corrosion products in the gap and cools the electrode effect.

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When using a pulsed power supply, the spark discharge needs to be pulsed and intermittent, the material being processed needs to be conductive, and only conductive materials can generate spark discharge. In general, conductive materials include metal materials, semiconductor non-metal materials, and the like.

Before using the automatic CNC cutting machine, it is necessary to select the appropriate processing conditions to ensure that the processing equipment is reliable and the processing performance is guaranteed, so as to play a greater role in processing.

What is the function of the inverter installed in the automatic CNC cutting machine?

How to ensure the machining accuracy?

There is a very important accessory in the automatic CNC cutting machine equipment. This accessory is a frequency converter, which is driven by the spindle motor for processing, which can make the equipment run more smoothly, the speed is more stable, and the processing accuracy is guaranteed. Also, what does the device do?

The purpose of frequency conversion: constant voltage control or constant current control, etc.

The load type of the inverter: such as vane pump or positive displacement pump, special attention should be paid to the performance curve of the load to determine the application method.

Matching of inverter and load:

①. Voltage matching: The rated voltage of the inverter of the automatic CNC cutting machine is consistent with the rated voltage of the load.

②. Current matching: The rated current of the centrifugal pump and frequency converter commonly used in the automatic CNC cutting machine is consistent with the rated current of the motor. For special loads, such as deep water pumps, it is necessary to refer to the motor performance parameters to determine the current and overload capacity of the inverter.

③. Torque Matching: This can happen when there is a constant torque load or reducer.

④. When the inverter drives the high-speed motor, the high-order harmonics increase due to the small reactance of the high-speed motor, and the output current value becomes larger. Therefore, the inverter capacity of the cutting machine for high-speed motors is slightly larger than that of ordinary motors.

⑤. If a long cable is to be taken, measures should be taken to control the influence of the long cable on the coupling capacitance to the ground, so as to avoid insufficient output of the frequency converter of the cutting machine. Therefore, in this case, the capacity of the inverter should be expanded by one gear or an output reactor should be installed at the output end of the inverter of the cutting machine.

The purpose of installing the inverter in the automatic CNC cutting machine is to play the role of constant voltage control or constant current control. The equipment can achieve better processing effect and truly play the role of intelligence and automation.

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