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What should be paid attention to in the use of CNC cutting machine?

As a numerical control machine, CNC cutting machine has relevant operating procedures in operation and use, and operators are required to strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid machine failure and personal injury caused by non-standard operation.

Multi Head Cnc Router Wood Carving MachineThis article briefly lists the precautions for the operation and use of wood working machine from the following 9 aspects?

  1. After setting the engraving position, the work piece coordinates of X, Y and Z axes must be classified as “0”.
  2. Adjust the engraving speed and the speed of the spindle motor to prevent the knife from being broken due to too fast speed and too slow speed during engraving.
  3. When automatic tool setting, pay attention to the insulation between the tool setting block and the engraving machine aluminum table.
  4. When engraving, if you are not sure or afraid of making mistakes, you can slow down the feed speed, and then adjust the speed back to normal when you feel that the engraving is normal; you can also simulate engraving in the empty stroke to see if it is normal.
  5. If the CNC cutting machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled and idling every week on a regular basis for the flexibility of the transmission system.
  6. The continuous running time of the woodworking cnc machine is required to be less than 10 hours/day; the cleaning of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump should not cause the water-cooled spindle motor to lack water. As much as possible, you can replace the large-capacity water tank.
  7. After each use of the CNC cutting machine, pay attention to cleaning, and the dust on the platform and the transmission system must be cleaned; regularly lubricate the X, Y, and Z axes of the transmission system.
  8. The operator should wear a dust mask and protective glasses when operating the CNC cutting machine, so that the dust generated during processing can invade the human body and cause discomfort.
  9. The daily maintenance method of the CNC cutting machine should be equipped with a dust-proof and dust-removing device on the CNC cutting machine, and the dust-removing equipment should be selected for use.

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