Cnc Milling Machine for Processing Various Shapes Parts

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Cnc Milling Machine for Processing Various Shapes Parts

Milling is the most commonly used machining method in CNC milling machine processing, mainly plane milling and contour milling, suitable for processing various shapes parts, such as box-shaped parts and curved parts.

Processing flat parts. Each processing surface of these parts is flat, or can be spread out into a flat surface. At present, most of the parts processed by CNC milling machines are flat parts. The machining process of plane parts is relatively simple, usually only two coordinate links of the CNC milling machine can be used for machining.

Machining chamfered parts. The angle between the machining surface of this part and the horizontal plane will continuously change, so it is also called the variable bevel part. It is best to use a wood milling machine equipped with four or five coordinates to process variable groove parts.

Surface parts. The working surface of this type of part is the space surface. The machined surface of the curved part and the milling cutter are always in point contact. Usually, three-dimensional CNC milling machines are used to process such parts.

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