CNC Mini Carving Machine

CNC Mini Carving Machine with Semi-protection Cover

What is the CNC Mini Carving Machine?

CNC Mini Carving Machine with Semi-protection Cover is mainly used for carving stone, marble, jade, wood, acrylic, metal, etc. Now the desktop small CNC stone carving machine for sale at the best price.

Mini carving machine is a small CNC woodworking machine semi-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving. It is widely used in the mould industry, industrial processing and handicraft processing industry.

CNC Mini Carving Machine

Product features:

  1. Iron casting lathe bed, good stability,not easily deformed , ensuring the high precision,
  2. German double-nut screw,squire three-side axis
  3. Adopt breaking point memory method,ensure accident break or day about processing.
  4. Save of many processed points. High power cutting ensures the smoothness and clearness

What does a mini CNC machine do?

A personal CNC machine, mini mill or hobby CNC machine is designed to perform multiple functions of most materials. A mini CNC mill can cut through large sheets of aluminum with precision. It can be used to cut through a complex design and perform simple applications like milling and drilling very easily.


  1. The desktop CNC stone carving machine adopts constant power water-cooled frequency spindle, high speed, low noise and long life.
  2. German high precision ball screw with two nuts and imported guide.
  3. The small stone carving machine adopts the mode of savingh the intermittence memory to insure the processing point when the blade is broken or postpone situation.
  4. Specific saving mode of different points.
  5. Stianless steel water tank is suitable for the processing of hard materials, such as glass, marble and so on.
  6. The large power cutting spindle does not only increase the fineness of carving the breast card without screw and the under base is more flat and smooth.The machine is suitable for the archtiecture mould sign industry, school, enterprise, government to use.
  7. Granty mode movement is more durable and will not distortion after long time use and the posiyion precision is much better.

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