ATC CNC Router vs Multi Head CNC Router

CNC factories are very popular in furniture carpentry, advertising and many other industries. When performing CNC processing, users usually have to manually replace the cutting head to achieve different processing methods or patterns. Therefore, ATC CNC router and multib head CNC router were created to meet the growing demand for automatic tool change. These two machines can automatically replace the paper cutter without stopping work. They can achieve various processing effects and do not require manual tool replacement. ATC CNC router and multi head CNC router greatly improve the processing efficiency of enterprises and individuals.

If you don’t know much about these two machines, it is difficult to decide which one to buy. Buying a CNC machine is an important item. You need to understand the differences between the two machines and the applicable processing range, and then make an informed decision.

ATC CNC router ATC CNC routeris also called automatic tool change CNC machine. It uses an electric spindle, which automatically loosens or clamps the tool by the movement of the internal cylinder. Automatic tool change device CNC machine can realize automatic tool change under the control of the control system. This effectively saves the user time and money. Watch the demo video below to learn how ATC CNC router automatically change tools.




Multi head CNC routerMulti head CNC router (or multi-step/multi-process CNC milling machine) is also a woodworking machine with high processing efficiency. “Multi-head” means that the machine has multiple spindles (2-4 spindles). Each shaft is equipped with cutting tools. The outer cylinder controls the movement of the spindle, and the spindle works in sequence to complete the processing work. The multi head CNC router is like a simple ATC CNC router. The cutter is automatically changed by changing the shaft. Multiple axes can be changed transparently during processing. Once the main shaft finishes its work, it will move on the beam and the next main shaft will start working at the same time. Watch the video below to learn how to change the spindle on a multi head CNC router.




The difference between ATC CNC router and multi head CNC router

There are four differences between the two machines:

First, the principle of tool change is different. The ATC CNC machine changes the tool by moving the inner cylinder of the electric spindle. The multi head CNC machine replaces the tools by changing the spindle one by one.

Second, the ability to change tools is different. Multi head CNC machine are usually equipped with 2-4 heads, so 2-4 tools can be replaced. However, ATC CNC machine do not limit the number of tools. A tool magazine usually carries 6 to 12 tools at a time. However, if users want to use other tools, they only need to put these tools in the tool library.

Third, the settings are different. Automatic tool change is the most advanced CNC technology. Therefore, a higher setting is required to achieve rapid tool change. For example, ATC CNC router usually use Syntec control systems, HSD spindles and other high-end components.

Finally, the machining accuracy is different. ATC CNC machine has high-end configuration and fast tool change function, so it can achieve high machining accuracy. It has a wide range of applications in all areas of life. Multi head CNC router are a cheap alternative to ATC. It is mainly used to convert furniture products and is welcomed by small and medium-sized furniture companies.

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