Multi-function Plasma Machine

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance

The working environment of the CNC plasma cutting machine is relatively harsh, and the metal dust is relatively large. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the machine, and professionals should be responsible for the lubrication, repair and maintenance of the equipment.

Safe operation of CNC plasma:

  1. The CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of precision cutting equipment, so the operation of the CNC plasma cutting machine must be done in three ways (fixed person, fixed machine, fixed post).
  2. The operator must undergo professional training and be proficient in operation, and non-professionals should not move.
  3. Before operation, it must be confirmed that there is no external interference. After everything is normal, hang the cut sheet on the cutting platform. The sheet cannot exceed the cutting range (Note: Be careful when lifting).

Plasma cutting machineDaily maintenance and maintenance:

  1. The dirt on the guide rails of the CNC plasma cutting machine must be cleaned every working day to keep the bed clean, the power is turned off when off work, and the residual air in the pipe belt of the machine must be emptied.
  2. Check whether the horizontal and vertical rail wipers work normally, if not, replace them in time.
  3. Check whether all cutting torches are loose, clean up the garbage at the ignition muzzle, and keep the ignition normal.
  4. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, check whether it is sensitive and whether to replace the probe.
  5. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged, and whether the cutting nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Pollution Prevention of Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

During the working process of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine, various pollutions will occur, such as arc pollution, dust pollution, noise pollution and so on. In fact, this problem exists as long as it is CNC cutting equipment. So, how can we prevent all kinds of pollution when the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is working? Let’s listen to Wuhan Huayucheng CNC slowly say:


  1. Prevention methods of arc radiation pollution: arc radiation is mainly infrared radiation and visible light radiation. The operator of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine must wear a mask and gloves to protect the face, hands and neck. The best protective lens for the mask, when cutting, the water cutting method can be used to absorb light radiation by using water.


  1. Prevention methods of dust and smoke pollution: The gas flow is large during cutting, and a large amount of vaporized metal vapor, ozone, nitride, etc. are vaporized during the cutting process. Causes a lot of dust to be raised. Therefore, it is necessary to configure good ventilation equipment and take dust-proof measures. When cutting, an exhaust device can also be placed under the grid workbench, and the water cutting method can also be used to reduce dust.


  1. Prevention method of noise pollution: CNC plasma cutting machine will generate high-intensity and high-frequency noise during arc cutting. Automatic cutting should be used as much as possible, and the operator should work in a soundproof room. The method of cutting in water and using water to absorb noise can also be used. In addition, the use of water curtain cutting torch can also greatly reduce the noise.


  1. Prevention of electric shock: There is a danger of electric shock during manual operation. Therefore, the power supply of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine must be well grounded when in use, and the cutting torch and the touching part of the hand must be reliably insulated. The exposed switch must be covered with an insulating rubber sleeve to avoid direct contact with the switch.


  1. Prevention method of electromagnetic field: High frequency electromagnetic has certain harm to human body. The main preventive measures are as follows: the arc frequency should be selected at 20~60Hz, the high-frequency oscillator should be equipped with a shield, and the workpiece should be well grounded; when the main arc is ignited, the power of the high-frequency oscillator should be cut off immediately; When checking electrode alignment with high frequency sparks, the time should be kept as short as possible.

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