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4 common problems of woodworking engraving machine

The woodworking engraving machine will inevitably have some problems during the day-to-day work. Some of the reasons are due to the configuration of the machine itself, and some of the reasons are due to customer misoperation,The following Superstar CNC briefly introduces 4 common problems and their solutions.

CNC Wood Carving MachineFirst: When the woodworking engraving machine sets the origin, it sometimes shifts forward or shifts to the right and the offset distance is uncertain.


  1. The limit switch is out of order, and the limit switch has been closed and then bounced when the system returns to the system origin. Just change the limit switch.
  2. The drive line is loose. Try to fix it tightly.3 Axis Single Head CNC Router Machin

Second: The woodworking engraving machine makes an abnormal sound or always breaks the limit switch when it is reset.


  1. The limit switch cannot be touched, just correct it.
  2. The drive line is not in good contact, just fix the drive line.
  3. If the limit switch wire is not connected properly, just connect it properly.
  4. The limit switch is damaged, just replace it.

Third: Woodworking engraving machine cannot engrave at the origin.


  1. Whether the layout size of the file matches the machine.
  2. Check whether there is an offset (OFFSET) and whether the layout setting is correct.

Fourth: The spindle motor suddenly stops or rotates slowly during the working process of the woodworking engraving machine.


  1. If the working voltage is unstable or overloaded, just add a voltage stabilizer.
  2. Check whether the middle wire is well connected, and whether the wire ends are unsoldered.

IGOLDEN CNC engraving machine assembly process, each machine leaving the factory has undergone 72 hours of high-intensity quality inspection to ensure that the machine has zero failures. At the same time, the timely after-sales service team also helps customers solve the failures during the use of the machine in a short time to ensure customers The production accuracy is not affected.

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