Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1530

What can you cut with Fibre Laser machine?

What can you cut with Fibre Laser machine?

Introduction to Fiber Laser Technology

The working principle of the fiber laser machine is to focus the high-power laser source directly on the metal under the focusing lens in the cutting head. Then, this high-energy energy beam is activated and absorbed by the material, resulting in a very high melting (vaporization) temperature of the material.

Our fiber laser cutting machine are equipped with protective covers to prevent any risk of the reflected beam from contacting or injuring the operator. Safety comes first, so please take all necessary local precautions when cutting anything on the fiber laser.

The thickness and type of material will be affected by the type of power source and its rated power (watts or kilowatts) and the type of auxiliary gas used (such as oxygen, nitrogen). You also need to consider the reflection of the material to be cut. Some cutting heads are made of reflective materials, which may damage the lens system.

So what can be cut with a fiber laser cutter?

Low carbon steel (carbon steel)-fiber laser can use almost all types of cutting heads and cutting sources to cut low carbon steel. The thickness you can cut depends on the type of power supply you have. For example, 2kW will cut through thicker material than 750W.

Stainless Steel-It is easy to cut stainless steel with a fiber laser machine. All our laser sources are suitable for cutting such materials. Stainless steel is a very popular material for many customers.

Titanium-not the most popular cutting material, but it can easily process titanium plates with the correct speed, assist gas and cutting parameters using fiber laser cutter.

Aluminum-For this type of material with reflective properties, the correct laser source and laser head must be used for this type of work. If you choose a standard light source without a reflective absorption device, it may damage the head and lens system. Our technical team can provide the correct laser source recommendations for your application.

Brass and copper-fiber lasers will also cut brass and copper. These two materials have high reflectivity and require special reflection and absorption protection devices* so that they can be processed on fiber lasers.

Fiber lasers are excellent tools for processing and cutting metals. They are fast to use and very accurate when equipped with a large cutting table. Do you want to learn more about fiber lasers? Please click here for all model information

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