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In the production process of the power battery, in order to reduce the influence between the single battery and the battery, a layer of PET film is usually covered on the surface of the battery for insulation and better protection. This layer of film we usually call isolation film, release film, protective film and so on. Available in a variety of colors, blue film is usually used for power batteries. In recent years, with the substantial increase in demand for new energy vehicles, power batteries have also ushered in a period of rapid development. How to increase the output of batteries under the condition of quality and quantity has become the common pursuit of many power battery manufacturers. Today, I will introduce to you a piece of equipment, a blue film laser cutting machine that can greatly improve the efficiency of removing blue film in the power battery production process.

As we all know, in the battery production process, errors often occur in the process of attaching the blue film, resulting in a great increase in the defective rate. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the blue film on the cell surface without damaging the cell substrate, which also greatly increases the blue film. Difficult to cut and remove. Therefore, laser cutting technology was introduced into the production of power batteries as a representative process in precision machining, and showed significant advantages.

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

Advantages of battery blue film laser cutting and cleaning:

The traditional battery blue film cutting and cleaning process can easily make the primer adhere to the surface of the substrate, and there are problems such as residue and incomplete cleaning. Residue etc. And the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the effect is good. It is a blue film cutting and removal process that has been widely used in recent years. The automatic process can be configured according to the needs to realize the automatic movement and cleaning of the front, back, left and right of the battery. Realize high intelligence and save labor. Compared with the traditional process, the laser cleaning time of the blue film is greatly shortened, the efficiency is higher, the labor cost is low, and there is no pollution.

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

Recommended model: blue film laser cutting machine

Blue film laser cutting machine combines cutting-edge technology with high-tech computer control, precision machinery, DSP digital control technology, USB data transmission mode and other high-tech. The latest software supports seamless connection with various graphics processing software such as AutoCAD, CORELDRAW CAD, CAM, etc., and directly outputs the original image. You can use the USB port data interface, support hot swapping, data transmission can complete the task in an instant, and it does not occupy computer resources during engraving, which greatly improves the user’s work efficiency. Chinese and English LCD display, friendly man-machine interface, more convenient operation.

Features of blue film laser cutting machine:

This machine can be engraved and cut, suitable for a variety of industries

The deceleration and deceleration design adopted by the machine system makes the operation smooth and stable, the cutting edge is smooth, and there is no sawtooth. The software adopts continuous curve algorithm, and the cutting speed is faster.

The fuselage is made of ultra-thick sheet metal, which has high stability and more stable operation of the optical path, which will not be easily changed, which greatly saves the adjustment time of the optical path.

The optical lens adopts high-strength molybdenum mirror and imported silicon gold-plated focusing lens, which is resistant to wiping, greatly prolongs the service life, and has a better cutting and engraving effect.

Adopt DSP motion control system, stable operation, modular and unified design, installation, strong anti-interference ability, convenient maintenance and replacement of accessories

The power supply is optional, and the table size is optional.

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