CNC cutting machines

How much is a CNC cutting machine?

When many users use the CNC cutting machine, if there is no dustproof, or no vacuuming, it will cause harm to the machine and people! To eliminate dust pollution, we must take the route of comprehensive treatment, starting with production equipment, selecting reasonable machinery and equipment, and supplementing dust removal measures.

CNC cutting machinesAlthough most CNC cutting machines are currently equipped with vacuum devices, they have not fundamentally solved the dust problem. The following is an analysis of the dust reaction problem generated by the CNC cutting machine:

However, under the current conditions, dust removal equipment is still the first choice. The selection of dust removal equipment should take into account the degree of purification and dust properties required at the job site. For large and medium-sized wood chips, it can be collected on-site in time, while for fine wood chips, the traditional method is to use pneumatic dust collectors or cloth bag vacuum equipment to collect.

With the development of woodworking and woodcarving industries, the application of CNC cutting machine is becoming more and more common, and the single manual operation is gradually turning to automatic operation. However, an important problem in the CNC cutting machine processing process has been plaguing most manufacturers and users, and a large amount of dust will be generated during the CNC cutting machine processing process.

CNC cutting machines

Follow-up in-line automatic tool change machining center

At present, no manufacturers have installed large-scale vacuuming and CNC cutting equipment. They can install a single-machine dust collector and dust collector on the machine tool itself, and they can also achieve better results. Operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect eyes and respiratory organs. Workers operating on machines that generate fine wood chips should wear large face coverings to reduce dust damage. Users who use CNC cutting machine should pay attention to protect the respiratory tract and do not let dust enter the nasal cavity! Over time, it is harmful to the body!

Maintenance method of CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine adopts CNC control for wood cutting. With high-speed tool changing speed and cutting efficiency, it can process different patterns and irregular wood. How to maintain the CNC cutting machine? Below is a section-by-section explanation.

external influence

The CNC mechanical equipment and computer control system are the components of the CNC cutting machine, and the user avoids the influence of external force in the process of using the numerical control cutting machine. Keeping the CNC cutting machine away from the shock-proof equipment can play the role of fixing and reducing the impact.

Wipe regularly

Although the external protection performance of the CNC cutting machine is good, and the joints of the machine tool and equipment are designed to prevent the entry of wood chips, because the workplaces where the CNC cutting machine works are mostly wood chips, the actual air environment in the studio requires more high. Therefore, proper dust removal and wiping should be done in daily life to prevent dust from entering the inside of the CNC cutting machine, causing circuit aging and affecting the service life of the instrument.

Pay attention to daily lubrication

When lubricating and maintaining the CNC cutting machine, users need to turn off the power first, and then disassemble the relevant important parts to expose the connection between the slider and the guide rail, so as to find the part that needs to be lubricated. For the correct selection and correct use of lubricating oils, the addition of lubricating oils must not be excessive or incorrect. Under normal circumstances, use a toothpick to fill the gap with an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to drive the slider, so that all parts can get lubricating oil.

In a word, the maintenance method of CNC cutting machine is mainly summarized into three points, namely avoiding external impact, regular wiping, and paying attention to daily lubrication.

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