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Important parts of the CNC engraving machine

When using the engraving machine, pay attention to the inspection of important parts, which can ensure that the machine is normally allowed and prolong the service life of the machine. When using the automatic cutting machine inverter

Double Head CNC Router MachineThe following points need to be paid attention to

  1. Motor insulation inspection

When starting to use the motor, before using it for a long time, and during regular inspection, the motor insulation should be checked to prevent the inverter from being damaged due to the insulation failure of the motor winding.

  1. Thermal protection of the motor

If the selected motor does not match the rated capacity of the inverter, especially when the rated power of the inverter is greater than the rated power of the motor, be sure to adjust the motor protection related parameter values in the inverter or heat the relay in front of the motor to protect the motor.

Woodworking engraving machine

  1. Operation above power frequency

The engraving machine inverter can provide an output frequency of 0-200Hz. If the customer needs to run above 50Hz, please consider the bearing capacity of the mechanical device.

  1. About motor heating and noise

Because the output voltage of the inverter is a PWM wave and contains certain harmonics, the temperature rise, noise and vibration of the motor will increase compared with the power frequency operation.

  1. When there are pressure-sensitive devices or capacitors to improve power factor on the output side

The output of the inverter is PWM wave, if the output side is equipped with a capacitor for improving power factor or a varistor for lightning protection, it is easy to cause instantaneous overcurrent of the inverter or even damage the inverter. Please do not use.

  1. Switch devices such as contactors used at the input and output ends of the inverter

If a contactor is installed between the power supply and the input end of the inverter, it is not allowed to use this contactor to control the start and stop of the inverter. When the contactor must be used to control the start and stop of the inverter, the interval should not be less than one hour. Frequent charging and discharging may reduce the service life of the capacitors in the inverter. If there is a switch device such as a contactor between the output end and the motor, make sure that the inverter is switched on and off when there is no output, otherwise the modules in the inverter may be damaged.

  1. Use other than rated voltage

It is not suitable to use the DZB series inverter outside the allowable working voltage range specified in the manual, which may cause damage to the components in the inverter. If necessary, please use the corresponding step-up or step-down device for voltage transformation.

The above are some of the main points about the precautions for inverter inspection. In the next issue, we will continue to understand other points that should be paid attention to when re-inspecting the inverter.

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