How to choose a panel furniture intelligent production line manufacturer?

Panel furniture intelligent production line equipment can integrate the two opposing production modes of mass production and custom production, and combine the advantages of the two to adapt to new needs for the furniture industry, adjust production modes, and propose new technical solutions.

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In order to judge whether the manufacturer of the panel furniture intelligent production line has the strength, today we briefly understand that as a CNC product, the panel furniture intelligent production line has strict requirements on quality and accuracy, so you need to be cautious when choosing a manufacturer. Choosing a manufacturer with strength and quality can not only guarantee long-term stability, but also provide follow-up training and after-sales protection. The quality of the products on the market is uneven, and the price varies greatly. Some machines have different appearances and configurations. The cost may more than double, how do we choose a powerful panel furniture intelligent production line manufacturer?

  1. Technical strength: Find out whether the panel furniture intelligent production line manufacturer has its own unique R&D personnel, and can customize the design of the machine to meet the actual needs of customers.
  2. Hardware: Does the manufacturer of the kanban furniture intelligent production line have the ability and equipment to stabilize production equipment?
  3. Assembly: The intelligent production line of panel furniture has higher precision and durability than the machine. The important step to ensure these two issues is assembly.
  4.  after-sales technology: after-sales service team, team technology, how to deal with after-sales time is directly related to the user’s production and use.
  5. Customer case: Whether you are a successful customer or not, you should know whether there are any problems in the actual production process of the machine, so customers can go to the factory to view the entire production process.

In short, choosing an intelligent production line for panel furniture requires inspection before making a decision!

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