How do I cut stone with granite stone machinery

Granite stone machinery is processing quartz stone, marble, artificial stone, slate, granite, tile, glass, etc. We all know that traditional processing methods have brought a lot of dust and harmful gases, which is a unfriendly environment. In addition, there are many disadvantages in processing functions, such as low processing accuracy, unsatisfactory processing effects, unflexible processing methods, cumbersome processing programs, low production efficiency.

Now, granite stone machinery such as stone CNC routers or stone CNC machining centers can solve the above problems. It can be in granite, marble, blue stone, jade, crystal, tombstone, agate, ceramics, glass, plastic, chemical composite plate, bamboo, wood, curved surface, spherical, copper, aluminum, etc., and widely used In construction, decoration industry, inscription, stone carving art, model, spring installation, kitchen and bathroom, handicrafts and other industries.

Let’s talk about the stone CNC router first. This granite stone machinery is a high-tech fully automated computer equipment that can engrave and engrave on a variety of hard materials such as stone, granite, ceramic tiles and glass. It can perform flat, spools, round bottom text or graphics. The engraving depth is adjusted according to the actual needs, and can repeat the cutter according to the desired depth to implement linear engraving, two-dimensional flat engraving, three-dimensional relief, shadow engraving, cutting, chamfering and drilling.

Second, the stone CNC machining center. Compared with the stone CNC router, the stone CNC machining center has a more complete function, and the processing process is more intelligent. The stone machining center can automatically complete the entire preset process. Users only need to enter some simple data once, complete various desktop frequency modes, drilling, edges, and polishing at once one-time, greatly reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.

Purchase guide

  1. Consultation: We will notify you the most suitable granite stone machinery after your request. You should tell us that you want to engrave the material, the maximum size of the stone (length x width x thickness).
  2. Quote: We will provide you with detailed quotes based on the granite stone machinery. You will get the most suitable specifications, the best accessories and affordable prices.
  3. Process Assessment: The two sides carefully evaluated detailed information exclude any misunderstanding (including technical parameters, specifications, and business terms).
  4. Order: If you don’t have questions, we will send you PI (Proforma invoice). Then we will sign your contract with you.
  5. Production: We will immediately arrange stone numerical control cutting machine production after receiving the signing contract and deposit. The latest news about production will be updated and inform you during the production process.
  6. Quality Control: The entire production procedure will undergo regular inspections and strict quality control. The complete granite stone machinery will be tested to ensure good work before the factory is factory factory.
  7. Delivery: After the granite stone machinery buyer is confirmed, we will arrange delivery in the contract.
  8. Custom customs clearance: We will provide all the necessary shipping files to the buyer and ensure smooth clearance.
  9. Support and services: We will provide professional technical support and services through telephone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, online real-time chat, remote service. We also have a door to door service in some regions.

Here is the three granite stone machinery we hot sell, if you are interested, please contact us.

NO.1 CNC Stone Machining Center for Cutting and Polishing Quartz, Granite, Marble



CNC stone machining center, also known as kitchen cabinet stone machining center, countertop machining center, quartz stone countertop machining center, marble countertop machining center. It is designed to emboss, cut, polish, drill, and engrave on other materials. Now, the affordable CNC stone machining machine is sold at the best price.




NO.2 Multifunction Stone Bridge Cutting Machine for Sink Making



The stone bridge cutting machine can realize cutting, chamfering, edging, profiling, milling, drilling, slotting, rounding, circular arc and other special-shaped processing through five-axis linkage. It is simple to operate and has strong practicability. A variety of configurations are available.




NO.3  CNC Stone Carving Machine for Marble Granite Engraving


Stone carving machine, fully automatic CNC equipment capable of carving on natural stone, marble, artificial stone, granite, sandstone, bluestone, terrazzo, glass, ceramic tile, wood, aluminium plate, copper plate and other materials, suitable for stone background wall, bridge engineering, garden engineering, tombstone engineering and other industries.

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