Plasma Cutter Machine for Metal Sheet and Tube Cutting

How To Design The Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines Running Speed?

CNC plasma cutting machines are equipment with high capacity and excellent cutting quality.This high performance cnc plasma pipe cutting machine, equipped with high definition generator, takes plasma cutting to a higher level. The production of highly complex parts has never been so easy and economical.


Plasma Cutter Machine for Metal Sheet and Tube Cutting



The cnc plasma cutting machines has a unique headstock design. The adjustable three-jaw chuck allows pipe to easily be aligned and centered for cutting. The thermal cutting emissions are exhausted through the chuck and headstock to an industrial-grade fume extraction system. This unique design maximizes productivity and maintains a clean and safe work environment.

There are many factors affecting the quality of plasma cutting, such as the no-load voltage and arc column voltage, the cutting current, the electrode shrinkage, the cutting height and other plasma arc cutting process parameters, which will directly affect the stability of the cutting process, cutting Quality and effectiveness. In general, factors such as no-load voltage and arc column voltage, cutting current magnitude, electrode shrinkage, and cutting nozzle height directly affect the compression effect of the plasma arc, that is, the temperature and energy density of the plasma arc, while the plasma arc High temperature and high energy determine the cutting speed, so it can be said that many of the above factors are essentially related to the cutting speed. As a CNC cutting device, the cutting speed should be increased as much as possible while ensuring the cutting quality. This not only increases productivity, but also reduces the amount of deformation of the cut parts and the heat affected area of the slotted area. If the cutting speed is not suitable, the effect is reversed, and the sticking slag is increased, and the cutting quality is lowered.

At present, the Gas Cutting Machine is divided into several types according to the different cutting aid gas. The cutting speed specifications of different auxiliary cutting gases are also different. Take the air plasma arc cutting as an example. When cutting the carbon steel plate, the cutting current of 230A is taken as the standard, 6mm. The cutting speed of the thickness carbon steel plate can reach 3300mm/min, and when the thickness is adjusted to 40mm, the cutting speed is limited to 500mm/min to ensure the cutting effect and quality. If you switch to other auxiliary cutting gas, such as cutting with pure oxygen, the cutting speed is reduced more. At the same cutting current of 230A, although the pure oxygen plasma cutting of 6mm thickness carbon steel can be increased to 3700mm/min, the cutting of 40mm carbon steel plate is cut. The speed is only 350mm/min.
In general, since different cutting power supplies and torches have the best process parameters when cutting different metal materials and materials of different thicknesses, the most suitable cutting speed specification should be determined according to the actual conditions of equipment and workpieces.


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine


Advantages Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machines:

1).Cutting Application
CNC plasma pipe cutter can cut nearly all metal materials, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) the cutting effect is better;
2). Good Cutting Quality & Low Labor Cost
Plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of non-contact processing which does not damage the surface and causes no deformation for the workpiece, the cutting quality is excellent with no burr, further polish process is not necessary and thus is not required, saving much labor intensity of workers.
3). Save Investment of Mould & Reduce Production Cost
CNC pasma pipe cutting machine can directly cut all kinds of metal workpieces without mold, no mold consumption is thus produced, no need to repair and replace the mold, reducing a lot of mold cost and production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.
4). High Precision, Effectively Improve Productivity
cnc plasma cutting machines process has the characteristics of accuracy, flexibility and high efficiency, which can effectively process all kinds of complex parts. Just make the good cutting graphics and import them into the control system, you can set the size for cutting which helps to directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, and effectively improve labor productivity.
5). Fast Cutting Speed & Optimized Working Environment
cnc plasma cutter machine has high cutting speed with low noise and no dust, it will not produce harmful chemicals to the human body and the environment, ensuring the clean and tidy production site and reducing the further investment and pollution.
6). Low Maintenance Cost & High Cost Performance
The maintenance of mechanical products is very expensive, the performance of cnc plasma cutting machine is stable and durable, it is not easy to be damaged and thus has a great advantage in the late maintenance cost.

CNC plasma cutting systems convince with economical and precise cuts and are unrivalled, especially for medium material thicknesses. Modern plasma cutting machines combine efficiency, lasting performance and multifunctionality.

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machines Application
Cutting a wide variety of metal plates,tubes,mainly applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, a variety of alloy plates, rate metal and other materials cutting.

Application Industry
Industry of kitchen ware,lamps and lanterns,panel beating,metal cabinets, auto parts, refrigerators, air condition, elevators, hotel metal supplies processing, etc.

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