edge banding machine

Edge Polisher Banding Machine for Sales

Edge shaper and polisher for flat and convex edges of marble, granite and synthetic stones.

This machine can carry out all the operations needed for the shaping and polishing of flat and rounded edges.

The EPR 3500 is a fine combination of mechanical, electrical and software engeneering.

edge banding machine

It can shape and polish convex edges on the stone using flat polishing tools, the machine has the fastet patented automatic tool change in the market.

It has a patented motor that can retract and extend his shaft pneumatically, and uses different pressures to adjust the work load of tools on the stone.

It can be programmed in any angle and position on your edge to achieve incredible quality results.

edge banding machine

What is the edge banding machine?

The manual edge banding machine adopts automatic control and has a large edge banding operation range, which can ensure that the hot melt adhesive is not glued or leaking. It is suitable for straight curve edge banding of various plates, with small size and light weight. The function surpasses ordinary imported linear edge banding machines, and is one of the first edge banding machines to enter the Chinese market. Suitable for all furniture, cabinets, teaching aid factories, etc.

edge banding machine


The size of the supplementary holder is 600mm x 1100mm.

This holder supports longer stone pieces preventing them to brake or crack.

edge banding machine

Tool presetting system

The machine is supplied with a tool presetting system that can measure the thickness of the grinding tool automatically.

The machine has an optical probe, mounted on the head, that is used to automatically recognize the position of the stone on the bench.

edge banding machine

Alignment stoppers

One long stopper is mounted onthe bridge.

This stopper allow theoperator align the stone to allowprecise edge shaping.


Tool carousel

Included in the machine a tool carousel with 10 tool holders. The carousel is designed for fast tool change and it can spin 360°.


10 pneumatic fixtures

10 pneumatic fixtures to hold the stone in position are included in the machine.they can be moved manually according to the position of the stone, and they are locked and released easily trough a manual knob valve.


Software&Control panel

Free updates during the life of the machine. The software is made in AitalMAC and it allows the operator to use the machine and set up new programs. The machine is able to save programs and run it when it’s needed.

There are 3 pressure regulators, speed control potentiometer, emergency and led error lights for fast troubleshooting.

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