Machine to Carve Wood _ Router for Wood Cutting

When selecting a machine to carve wood, consider the type of projects you will be working on, the level of detail required, and your budget. Each machine has unique benefits and limitations, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs.

The CNC Routers have revolutionized the act of cutting woods with their helpful features. This computer numerical controlled machine works independently with little help from an operator who inputs the necessary figures to get the desired cut. In addition, you should pay attention to another important concern for achieving better products. Bits and mills are the crucial parts of the router family, which you need to choose wisely to get the desired cut for your product. These are available in various shapes and sizes to perform a wide variety of work. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to have a clear idea about the parts you need to select for your work purpose.


A CNC router is an excellent machine for carving wood with precision and speed. It uses computer-controlled movements to create intricate designs and patterns on wood materials. Here are some benefits of using a CNC router for carving wood:

  1. Precision: CNC routers are highly accurate and can carve wood with high precision, producing consistent and exact results.
  2. Speed: CNC routers can carve wood at a much faster rate than traditional carving methods, making them ideal for producing large quantities of carved wood products.
  3. Versatility: CNC routers can carve a variety of wood materials, including hardwoods, softwoods, and engineered woods. They can also create a wide range of shapes and designs, from simple geometric shapes to complex, multi-dimensional designs.
  4. Efficiency: CNC routers are highly efficient and can carve multiple pieces simultaneously, reducing the overall production time and increasing productivity.
  5. Automation: CNC routers are fully automated, meaning that once the design is programmed, the machine can work continuously without the need for manual intervention. This reduces the chances of errors and inconsistencies, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

Router for wood cutting

A router is a versatile power tool that can be used for wood cutting in various ways. Here are some types of wood cutting that a router can be used for:

  1. Edge Cutting: A router can be used to create clean and smooth edges on wood. Edge cutting can be done with a straight bit or a round-over bit, depending on the desired edge profile.
  2. Rabbet Cutting: A router can be used to create rabbets, which are grooves cut into the edge of a piece of wood to form a joint with another piece of wood.
  3. Dado Cutting: A router can be used to create dadoes, which are grooves cut into the face of a piece of wood to receive another piece of wood.
  4. Fluting: A router can be used to create flutes, which are decorative grooves cut into a piece of wood.
  5. Inlay Cutting: A router can be used to cut precise shapes and patterns into wood to create intricate inlays.

When selecting a router for wood cutting, consider the power of the motor, the size of the bit, and the depth of cut required for your project. A handheld router is ideal for smaller projects, while a table-mounted router is better suited for larger or more complex projects. Additionally, consider the type of wood you will be cutting, as harder woods may require a more powerful router.

ATC wood work cnc router machine

An ATC (Automatic Tool Change) CNC router machine is a type of CNC router that has the ability to automatically change cutting tools during a job without the need for manual intervention. This feature makes it highly efficient and reduces downtime, making it an ideal option for woodworking applications. Here are some benefits of using an ATC CNC router machine for woodworking:

  1. Increased productivity: The automatic tool change feature of an ATC CNC router machine allows for faster tool changes, reducing the amount of downtime and increasing productivity.
  2. Improved precision: ATC CNC router machines are highly precise and accurate, ensuring that every cut is made exactly as intended, regardless of the number of tool changes required.
  3. Versatility: ATC CNC router machines can accommodate a variety of cutting tools, including router bits, drills, and saws, allowing for a wide range of woodworking applications.
  4. Customization: ATC CNC router machines can be programmed to automatically change tools according to a pre-determined sequence, allowing for customized and complex woodworking projects.
  5. Reduced labor costs: With an ATC CNC router machine, there is no need for manual tool changes, reducing the need for skilled labor and potentially reducing labor costs.


CNC Router Application: Our wood carving router machine is suitable to engrave/ cut/ mill/ drill/ slot on Aluminum composite board, abs board, pp board, ps board, PE board, KT board,and wood sofa laminate cutting, light duty stone tombstone curtain wall engraving, insulation board epoxy board engraving. Also used to Automatic aluminum-plastic plate cutting, slotted hollow engraving,outsourcing decoration aluminum-plastic plate slotting, multi-angle aluminum composite panel slotting, large vacuum adsorption home improvement woodworking board cutting engraving.

Wood CNC RouterCo2 Laser Cutting MachineWood Door Cabinet CNC RouterWood Door Cabinet CNC Router

Appropriate for mass processing of various materials like solid wood, density board, composite board, rigid plastic, artificial marble, acrylic.  Furniture Industry, Decoration industry, Industrial equipment semi-finished attachment processing, Instrument industry, Mold industry, Artware industry, Ad industry.

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