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How To Buy A Atc Spindle For Cnc Router

Most people only consider the low cost when choosing a atc spindle for cnc router. However, we really need to consider both the price and applicability. If you buy a CNC machine at a cheap price, but it is not suitable for your work, then it’s just like a pile of scrap iron.


3 Axis ATC CNC Router

This is cnc atc router function and extra drilling head HSD brand from Italy. This machine can work perfectly with automatic tool changer and forth axis drilling head with different angles that professional for woodvvorking doors, cabinet,fumitures cutting and milling.

1.The spindle power rate of atc spindle for cnc router
Because of the large hardness of wood,generally speaking woodworking cnc router will need larger spindle than advertising cnc router.

2.Vacuum adsorption table
The carving speed is fact and the power is large,if you need common clamps to fix the processed material,it is difficult,so we suggest you choose vacuum adsorption table.

3.Dust collection system
There are many dust when the cnc router is working,so it is necessary.

4.Test the machine before you place an order
It is better for you to test the machine in the cnc router manufacturer’ factory,and then you can check the performance of the cnc router.


Atc Spindle For Cnc Router


Atc Spindle For Cnc Router Applications:

1,Furniture: wooden doors, chairs,cabinets, stairs,computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments

2,Plate processing: insulation, plastic and chemical, the PCB, move the car body, bowing, track, stars anti-special board, epoxy, resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixture

3,Decoration industry: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexi-glass, plastic, and copper and aluminum and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting.

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