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Cabinet/cabinet door (blister/plate) production solutions

Cabinet/cabinet door (blister/plate) making machine&production solutions are mainly composed of straight-line tool change machining center, edge banding machine, side hole machine, polishing machine, laminating machine, precision saw, folded arm edge banding machine, double spindle hinge The combination of drilling and metal strip cutting machines can meet the production and processing of the whole house customized manufacturers. The machine combination is flexible and the process is changeable to create an automated production mode that meets the needs of the customer’s entire plant.

 Straight-line tool change machining center

Introduction: The vertical automatic tool change machining center can engrave wood products such as furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors and windows. It has an independent tool magazine and can automatically change the required tools during the processing of the workpiece without stopping work.


  1. It is suitable for multiple and complex product processing or multiple processing, with a wide range of functions, such as drilling, cutting, side milling, chamfering, etc.
  2. The mechanical and electrical parts of this model are all internationally renowned brands.
  3. Straight-line automatic tool change, the tool magazine capacity is 12 tools, the tool change time is fast, and the efficiency is high.
  4. Strong software compatibility.

Polishing machine

Introduction: The polishing machine is suitable for various solid wood, density board, iron sheet and other materials such as linear, L-shaped wood thread and door panel surface, rough, fine sanding, polishing, and polishing of heterogeneous surfaces, flat surfaces and curved surfaces. Ideal equipment for producing doors, windows, cabinets, furniture and other heterosexual polishing.

Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine


  1. Wood product surface processing equipment, mainly for the rough grinding and primer polishing of wood products.
  2. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed can be adjusted freely to select the appropriate feeding speed to ensure the polishing quality of the workpiece.
  3. The sanding roller is composed of sisal brush and gauze. Various combinations of gauze and brush can be provided. The gauze and brush can be replaced separately to save cost.

Laminating machine

Introduction: The laminating machine can apply various PVC films on furniture, cabinets, speakers, paint-free doors and other materials for three-dimensional filming. It can be used for hot-printing film and single-sided solid wood veneer film after adding a silicone plate.

Vacuum Membrane Press Machine


  1. The machine body is welded and processed with high-quality steel, the force point is strictly calculated, and the stability is high without deformation.
  2. The heating system adopts a microcomputer temperature controller, which can be automatically controlled according to temperature changes, so as to adjust the heating speed to achieve the purpose of temperature control.
  3. Using automatic digital display technology, the whole machine has a high degree of automation, simple operation and low failure rate.


Precision saw

Introduction: Precision saws are suitable for processing all kinds of wood structures such as density board, particle board, artificial board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass board and solid wood, and the longitudinal section and transverse cutting of boards with similar hardness.

Wood Cutting Saw Machine


  1. The leaning ruler adopts the European large leaning ruler, which is stable and does not shift to ensure the precision in the cutting process of the plate.
  2. The mobile worktable is made of extruded aluminum alloy with high strength and no deformation.
  3. The use of lengthened and thickened fuselage ensures the stability of the fuselage during operation.

Curve and straight edge banding machine

Introduction: The curved straight line edge banding machine can be used for the edge banding operation of plate-type straight line and arc-shaped irregular frame.


  1. Flexible conversion between curved and straight lines, without interfering with each other, preventing mis operation, precise and convenient.
  2. Travel switch, automatically cut off the belt.
  3. Types of edge banding materials: PVC, veneer, melamine, plastic and other materials.


Double-head hinge drill

Introduction: Double-head hinge drill application range: mainly for loose leaf and hinge drilling, used for hinge drilling of furniture door panels, such as wardrobe door panels, cabinet doors, office furniture door panels, etc. The drilling position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Conveniently and quickly adapt to drilling processing requirements.


  1. Hinge drill bag, low noise, durable.
  2. Position the baffle, with an accurate scale, adjust the baffle according to the needs of the work.
  3. Foot switch control, labor saving, simple and fast, and long service life.
  4. One machine has multiple functions and can be connected to a variety of different drill bits.


Metal strip cutting machine

Introduction: The metal strip cutting machine is mainly for the inlay of new Chinese style door panels. It can be cut or one piece of continuous cutting can be cut during cutting.


  1. One-key start button switch.
  2. There is no need to manually press the material and pedal to press the material.
  3. Automatic pressing and cutting.
  4. Save time, labor, labor and cost.
  5. The precision alloy saw blade quenching process has a long service life.
  6. The saw teeth are isosceles right angles, the cutting is accurate and error-free, and the saw blade is easy to replace.
  7. The extended support frame can be continuously cut and operated, and it can also be folded and disassembled conveniently.

 Edge banding machine

Introduction: Edge banding machine. Scope of application: suitable for panel furniture, custom furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows, wood products, decoration and decoration industries, etc. Processable plates: suitable for density board, ecological board, multi-layer Board, particle board, flat solid wood board, aluminum honeycomb board and other boards.


  1. Function of edge banding machine: gluing and welting → front and back flush → rough repairing → finishing → tracking trimming → scraping edge → polishing.
  2. Gluing and edge sealing: The cylinder controls the switch of the glue door (WSN cylinder and Yiri solenoid valve), with stable glue quantity and uniform thickness.
  3. Front and back: cut off the excess edge banding at both ends of the sheet (WSM cylinder with 2 pressure regulating valves and 1 pressure relief valve), the air pressure is more stable, and the head and tail are more stable.
  4. Rough repair: Six-blade alloy flat knife trims off the extra side strips.
  5. Refining: The six-blade R knife trims off the extra edge banding to form a rounded corner, and the trimming is more beautiful.
  6. Profiling tracking: The four corners after sealing are trimmed into small arcs to be smoother and not piercing. The self-designed tracking action and gas path design make the profiling chamfering more stable.
  7. Edge scraping: The super hard alloy R knife scrapes the fine lines of the edge banding strip to make it smooth.
  8. Polishing: The cloth wheel quickly polishes and polishes the edge of the edge banding strip, making it smoother and more beautiful.


 Side hole machine

Introduction: The side hole machine is developed for the design of panel furniture wardrobes. It is suitable for the design of cabinet wardrobes and panel furniture. It can complete the three-in-one side hole/wood pin hole/blind hole/fixed slot/through slot/four hidden parts Punch on the side.


  1. Intelligent punching, no need to pay attention to the size and placement direction of the board, laser scanning can accurately locate and intelligently judge the punching position.
  2. There are customized limits and high safety protection.
  3. There is no need to scan the bar code, just put it and hit it, it is convenient and quick to scan holes and punch holes.
  4. A variety of punching modes can be switched freely to meet various process requirements.

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