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Panel furniture cutting machine can make those styles of furniture

The material and structural characteristics of cabinets and panel furniture determine that cabinets become the protagonist of panel furniture, and it is also a rich type of panel furniture, including wardrobes, file cabinets, bedside tables, floor cabinets, shoe cabinets, wall cabinets, cabinets and other types.Due to the large volume of most cabinet furniture, modern cabinet furniture is mainly in the form of disassembled furniture and ready-to-install furniture.

Double Spindles CNC Machining CenterIn terms of appearance, it can be divided into two categories: flat panel furniture and art panel furniture.

  1. Flat panel furniture, that is, furniture without a frame, is the simpler form of panel furniture, and is the product of modern technology and industrial production. Its shape is characterized by straightness, the components are precise in size, the degree of standardization is high, and the interchangeability is strong. Its style changes are mainly adjusted and applied by means of surface color, material texture and texture, contrast between virtual and real space in the cabinet, and scale ratio.
  2. Art-type panel furniture takes straight furniture as the basic unit, with decorative strips (bar-shaped parts that play a decorative role) on the surface or artistic configuration on the surface to create different furniture styles. It is a combination of technology and art. product. The trim can be made of solid wood or MDF, and can also be inlaid with molded parts or molded products of synthetic materials. It is an effective method to make classical furniture by applying modern industrial materials and processing technology.

Double Spindles CNC Machining Center

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