Portable CNC Plasma Tube Cutting Machine

Portable Plasma Tube Cutter

What is the Portable Plasma Tube Cutter?

The CNC Portable Plasma Tube Cutter can cut and process intersecting line workpieces very conveniently, without the operator’s calculation and programming. It only needs to input the pipe diameter, intersection angle and other parameters of the pipe intersecting system, and it can perform multiple intersection forms between the main pipe and several branch pipes. Calculation of intersecting lines, and complete multi-axis linkage control to achieve various complex intersecting line cutting.

Portable Plasma Tube Cutter


  1. The CNC plasma rotary tube cutter is equipped with professional control system for variety types of cuts, including tees, miters, saddles, centerline offsets, multiple intersections, elbow supports, gusset slots; Round, rectangular, saw cut, overlapping pipe holes, re-pads with axial offsets and baseline or work point offsets, , and other types of intersecting cuts.
  2. Precise casting parts and strict manufacture and test procedures ensure high accuracy, reliability and durability.
  3. Integrated with specialized programming and computing modules for complicated large steel structure construction, it can generate CNC codes from AutoCAD drawings to save operators and engineers time. And these modules are compatible with IGES, DXF, SAT and STL files.
  4. Automatic, servo driven height sensing system compensates vertical position for out-of-round pipe. In-feed and out-feed conveyors available for loading & unloading.

Machine Advantages

1.The machine tool adopts high rigidity design and undergoes secondary aging treatment to fully eliminate internal stress. The precision of the machine tool is stable for a long time, ensuring the cutting accuracy of the whole machine.

2.Adopt gear and rack meshing, coupled with precision planetary gear box for speed reduction, with high output torque, low noise, long life lubrication and other characteristics, so as to achieve high positioning transmission.

3.Using professional CNC pipe cutting software, easy to learn and easy to use, reduce operator requirements and greatly improve work efficiency. With professional software, real-time processing of various graphics and text can be realized. Simple to use, flexible and convenient.

4.Intersecting line cutting machine is suitable for cutting cylindrical inertial line holes, square holes, oval holes, etc. on various pipes, and can cut intersecting lines at the end of the pipe.


Portable CNC plasma cutting machine with flame torch is widely used in ship, car, boiler pressure vessel, steel structure, plane, engineering machinery and other fields. The portable flame cutter is used to cut thicker metal materials and the portable plasma cutter for thin metal cutting, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal plates. It is especially designed for irregular drawing batch cutting.

Portable Plasma Tube Cutter

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