CNC cutting machine

Maintenance details of each part of the CNC cutting machine

At present, CNC cutting machine is playing an increasingly important role in panel furniture production line. It can quickly cut, and efficiently cut a variety of panels, blanking, punching, and punching. It combines the advantages of traditional woodworking machinery and equipment. So, how should we maintain the parts of the CNC cutting machine?

  1. Maintenance of vacuum pump

  2. The vacuum pump should be filled with water before working every day, and the water volume should be kept at more than half.
  3. The connecting part between the vacuum pump and the engraving machine is called a filter. The filter screen should be cleaned regularly, which will increase the flow and vacuum of the vacuum pump.
  4. The water in the tank should be changed regularly, about once a month. Open the valve at the bottom of the tank, water will flow out to clean the water, remove the sediment at the bottom, and then add new water for use.
  1. CNC cutting machineSpindle maintenance
  2. When changing the tool, please remove the dust on the tool holder. If there is too much dust in the tool holder, the tool cannot be clamped and the tool will fall off.
  3. When installing the knife, lightly screw the nut to the bottom of the nut, then tighten it with a wrench. If there is a blockage during tightening, withdraw immediately and check for foreign objects in the threads. If the threads of the nut are damaged, replace it immediately. Forcibly tightening is strictly prohibited.
  4. The spindle fan should not be covered by objects to prevent foreign objects from falling into the fan.

CNC cutting machine

  1. Electric box cleaning

Regularly clean the inverter and the drive power box in the distribution box to prevent the original parts from heating due to excessive dust. When blowing dust, the air blown by the gun should not contain moisture, which will cause a short circuit.

CNC cutting machine

  1. Oil-water separator

Check whether the water in the oil-water separator and the glass on the air compressor is full every day, and discharge it in time when it is full.

CNC cutting machine

  1. Pay attention to the preheating of row drilling in winter.

When the row has been stopped for a period of time and the temperature has dropped to ambient temperature, preheat the row before processing. When starting the drill row for the first time every day, let it warm up slowly under no-load condition, which will gradually allow the bearing to reach its operating temperature, balance the expansion of the bearing race, and obtain the proper preload.

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