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MOPA 100 Watt Laser Cleaning Machine

The portable laser cleaning machine is a newly launched laser cleaning tool. The cleaning machine has many advantages such as portable and lightweight, flexible and adjustable parameters, wireless control, etc. It can efficiently remove rust, stains, oil stains, coatings, etc.

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100w portable laser cleaning machine

The MOPA laser cleaning machine is a type of laser cleaning system that uses a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) laser source. MOPA lasers are known for their versatility and flexibility, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including cleaning, marking, engraving, and welding.

In laser cleaning, the MOPA laser produces a high-intensity beam of light that is focused onto the surface of the material being cleaned. The energy of the laser beam causes the contaminants, such as rust, paint, or oil, to evaporate or vaporize, leaving a clean surface behind.

This MOPA fiber laser has the characteristics of independently adjustable pulse width and frequency, and can still maintain a high and stable peak power output under the condition of changing the pulse width and frequency to adapt to a wider range of cleaning scenarios.

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Portable Laser cleaning machine details

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The control system adopts the laser cleaning control card and program independently designed by JPT, which can control the laser parameters and the scanning system parameters at the same time, and is equipped with a handheld wireless control card. The control card is connected to the washing machine in a wireless way, which can realize remote control of the scan shape, scan length, laser output power, frequency, pulse width and other parameters. The power interface is a standard three-plug 220V AC power supply, which can be cleaned after power on.

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The handheld laser head of the cleaning machine has a simple appearance, small and light, and can be used for a long time. The button and handle are integrated design, which is simple and easy to use. The built-in scanning system uses a small high-speed motor and drive. The main body is integrated processing and molding, which is strong and dustproof, stable and durable. The laser head adopts an innovative red light auxiliary focusing design, which can easily find the focus position under different field lenses by using the red light indicator, which solves the problems of inaccurate focus and single adjustment method of existing products on the market.

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The operation is intuitive and convenient, has a clear understanding of the production situation and can respond to emergencies.

Laser Cleaning Machine Features:

1.It can work offline and can be used immediately after power on.

2.Collimated laser beam output, beam size customizable (default 4mm). The cleaning head is extremely lightweight, 620g only (not include delivery cable), and canbe operated by hand for a long time

3.Patented red light assisted focus technology, can adjust the focus position according to different focus lenses

4.Wireless control, can realize parameter setting and emission control remotely, and update parameters at any time.

5.Trolley-type chassis design, can be carried on high-speed train and flight easily with 28kg full weight.

6.Super integrated injection molding chassis, cushioning design, stable structure, Wearable,shockproof and drop resistance.

One of the advantages of the MOPA laser cleaning machine is that it allows the user to adjust the pulse duration, frequency, and power of the laser beam, which makes it possible to tailor the cleaning process to the specific requirements of the application. This flexibility is particularly useful when dealing with delicate or sensitive materials, as it allows the user to select the optimal settings to avoid damage to the material.

Laser Cleaning Machine Paint Removal for Wood
Laser Cleaning

Rust Removal Laser Machine Parameter

Model iGCL-MOPA-100
Optical cable length 5m
Average output power >100w
Cooling method Air Cooled
Voltage 220V
Max. power consumption <450w
Whether anti-high reflection Yes
Range of working temperature 0~40℃
Storage temperature range -10~60℃
Washing machine size 619*469*291mm
Total Weight 28kg
Laser head weight 0.62kg
Total power 400W

Our Portable Handheld Fiber Laser 50W 100W 200W 500W 1000W 2000W ,Igolden Laser Cleaning Machine Rust Oil Removal Machine has unique and advanced functions, which can replace traditional products and win greater economic benefits for the company.   Until now our products are now moving on fast and very popular all over the world.

About 100W Portable Handheld Laser Cleaning System

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Spare Parts This is a portable laser cleaning machine, which can be used in almost any location. It is easy to operate and control. With the help of this machine, you can remove dirt and stains from your favorite items. Not only does it provide you with a simple way of saving time and effort but also provides an efficient way to clean surfaces efficiently.

Portable laser cleaner is used for cleaning printed circuit boards, machine tools, microelectronic devices and other precision equipment surface. The system combines the advantages of vacuum suction and laser cleaning technologies, has a stable cleaning efficiency, no chemical cleaning liquid and automation, which can save labor and reduce production costs.


Portable laser cleaning machine is a newly developed instrument. It can record automatically and save the cleaning time, position and size of the target object. The laser light with high energy density can be absorbed by dust and dirt on the surface of the object to generate heat energy, so that these micro particles break down into small pieces and then fly away with flowing air. Thus it can achieve selective cleaning at same time and realize one-step cleaning process.

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