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1500w Portable Laser Welding Machine

The protable type handheld Fiber laser welding machine combines the fundamental qualities of an ultra-portable device with uncompromising performance.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month

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Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1500w

Portable fiber laser welding machine adopts the latest generation of fiber laser and is equipped with self-developed wobble welding head, which fills the gap of handheld welding in the laser equipment industry. With the advantages of fast welding speed and no consumables, it can perfectly replace traditional argon arc welding, electric welding and other processes when welding thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates and other metal materials. Handheld laser welding machine can be widely used in complex and irregular welding processes in cabinet kitchen and bathroom, stair elevator, shelf, oven, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel home and other industries.

Portable laser welding machine factory

iGOLDEN Laser is a laser equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service of laser equipment. We can customize laser equipment with different powers according to the actual needs of customers. We can also customize the model of laser welding equipment according to customer needs, and the price is also different according to different handheld laser power prices.

portable fiber laser welding machine

1500w Laser Welding Machine Details

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Laser Welding Machine Features

  1. Better weld formability and high-quality spot welding
  2. The fuselage and laser head have lower requirements for laser power
  3. The allowable range of weld width shall be expanded, and the weld shall be beautiful without deformation
  4. Excellent aluminum alloy bonding ability, high-quality processing repeatability and stability

Handheld Portable Laser Welding Machine application

Hand-held laser welding machine, using infrared precise positioning, flexible and convenient, firm welding, no consumables, smooth and fine welding seam and not easy to deform, mainly for laser welding of long-distance and large workpieces, widely used in large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinets, and chassis , Long-distance spot welding, full welding, continuous welding, sealing welding of inner corners, outer corners, and seams of large workpieces such as aluminum alloy door and window frames, stairs, elevators, and stainless steel furniture.

Laser welding can be applied to the welding of titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and their alloys, as well as steel, Kovar and other alloys of the same material. It can be applied to the welding of various dissimilar metals such as copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, titanium-molybdenum, brass-copper, and low carbon steel-copper. At the same time, it is also widely used in industries such as mobile phone communications, electronic components, glasses and watches, jewelry, hardware products, precision equipment, medical equipment, auto parts, and craft gifts.

Working on Accessories

Working on Hardware

Working on Tools

Working on Parts

Working on tube

Working on Metal

Working on Stainless

Working on Steel

Hand Held Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Operating environment
Model 1000W、1500W、2000W
Supply voltage 单相 220V/380±10%、50/60Hz 交流电
Working temperature 10℃~40℃
Working environment humidity ≤80%
Optical parameters
power instability <2%
Laser works 连续
Max. modulation frequency 20kHz
Beam quality(BPP) > 6mm*mrad
Power adjustment range (%) 10%-100%(Gradient adjustable)
Fiber length 8m/10m
Cooling method 水冷
Continuous working time 24h
Welding head parameters
Operation method Hand held
Wobble parameter Frequency: 0-100Hz, spot diameter: 0-5mm
Fiber interface QBH
Protective lens 18*2mm
Max. supported air pressure 15bar
Focal length (mm) 120/150mm
Total Weight  9 0 Kg
Machine size 980(L)*420(W)*712(H)mm
Packing size 1070(L)*500(W)*890(H)mm


The machine adopts user-friendly design and upgraded technology, in comparison with traditional welding equipment, making welders working in more effective, safe, energy saving and environmental-friendly way. The welding speed is 3 to 10 times faster than ever while it comes in handy and greatly cover your budgets. iGOLDENlaser handheld welding machine – make welders love their jobs even more.

Handheld Continuous Fiber Welding Machine 1000w 1500w 2000w

The laser hand-held continuous laser welding machine has fast welding efficiency, compact machine and convenient operation, which greatly improves work efficiency. Compared with the current optical fiber transmission welding, it has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better beam quality, and less maintenance cost.

The laser welding machine adopts seamless welding, which is stronger and safer than spot welding to a certain extent. Because laser welding technology uses a polarizer to reflect the beam generated by the laser to focus on the focusing device, the focusing device generates a beam of large energy. If the laser beam is focused near the component, the component melts and evaporates within a few milliseconds. This technique can be used in the welding process. The laser welding machine is characterized by small deformation of the welding part, almost no gap after welding, and the welding quality is higher than the traditional welding method, so the laser welding machine can achieve the effect of seamless welding.


The laser beam quality is good, the welding speed is fast, and the welding seam is firm and beautiful, bringing users an efficient and perfect welding solution.

Hand-held water-cooled welding torch, ergonomic design, flexible and convenient, longer welding distance, can weld any part and angle of the workpiece.

The welding area has little thermal shock, is not easily deformed, turns black, and has traces on the back. The welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and it is firm and reliable.

The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. There is no need for professional welding masters, and ordinary workers can take up their jobs after short-term training. Long-term use can greatly save processing costs.

High safety, the welding tip is only effective when the switch is touched when it touches the metal, and the touch switch has a body temperature sensor.

It can realize welding at any angle, and can weld various complex welds and workpieces with irregular shapes of large workpieces. Any angle of welding can be achieved.

The fiber laser cutter, fiber laser machine, laser cutting machine, is the most advanced equipment in modern machining. It is the first time that laser has been used in the field of machining, which has brought unprecedented improvements to the development of machining.

The fiber laser cutter is the professional CNC metal cutting equipment with high precision, high quality, high speed and high efficiency. The fiber laser cutter is applied for all kinds of metal material cutting, equiped with different laser powers (from 500W to 20000W) for cutting different thickness metal sheets/plates and metal tubes/pipes, such as carbon steel(C.S.), stainless steel(S.S.), electrical steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, aluminum zinc plate, copper, brass, iron and other metal materials.

Of course, the higher the power, the thicker the welding thickness. Laser welding is a permeate pool of penetration / molten pool. The thickness of the material also affects it, so it can analyze the laser welding material according to the following points.

  1. Thickness of the material
  2. Processing requirements
  3. Welding angle
  4. Take the requirements

Igolden laser welding systems are based on quasi continuous wave diode and fiber laser technology developed in Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) for Diodela.

Laser cleaning systems are based on nanosecond fiber laser sources.

Laser welding systems prices starts from 12 000 Eur.

Expected laser welding systems lifetime > 90 000 hours.

All Igolden systems are provided with 24 months warranty and user trainings.

Laser welding machine in the process of automobile manufacturing, laser welding also adds a lot of lusters to the current automobile manufacturing industry. Especially in the process of automobile manufacturing, the use of seamless laser welding technology not only improves the integrity of the body, but also greatly improves the stability and comfort. Laser welding technology is also widely used in the field of ships, which not only improves the safety of ships, but also strengthens the hull structure. In aviation, it is used not only for the welding of aircraft fuselage, but also for the production of engines. The wide application of laser welding technology not only reduces the weight of the aircraft, but also improves the reliability. Laser seamless welding technology is also used in the high-speed rail industry. For example, use on high-speed railways not only improves the safety features of high-speed railways, but also reduces noise problems, allowing passengers to enjoy a more comfortable journey。

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    Laser Welding Machine Companies

    iGOLDENCNC, as a professional laser machinery application solution supplier, covers flatbed fiber laser cutting machine, metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutter, metal tube fiber laser cutter, protective fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, handheld laser welding machine, handheld laser cleaning machine and so on.

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    Strict Quality Control System

    Each machine needs to go through 13 inspection processes from order to delivery. Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, which controls the product quality from raw materials, production, and delivery, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.

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