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Automatic Laser Welding Machine Table From China Factory

This Laser welding equipment is 3-5 times of the speed than the traditional optical fiber transmission laser welding machine. It can precisely weld flat, circumference, line type products and non-standard customized production lines.

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Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Automated laser welding machine can easily realize tailor welding, stitch welding and seam welding of various lengths and positions. Especially in the welding of thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates and other metal materials, it has the characteristics of fast welding speed, good surface effect, large penetration depth, and small heat-affected area.

This series of equipment is 3-5 times of the speed than the traditional optical fiber transmission laser welding machine. It can precisely weld flat, circumference, line type products and non-standard customized production lines. The fiber laser has the characteristics of high beam quality and high energy. In the continuous welding condition, compared with the same power YAG laser, it has the characteristics of deep welding depth and good welding strength. The equipment has no consumable parts, long life, low failure rate and other characteristics.

automatic fiber laser welding machine

Automatic Laser Welding Machine Details

Solder joint monitoring

automatic laser spot welding machine

High precision focus welding head

automatic fiber laser welding machine

Multi-axis mobile welding table

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Laser Welding Features 

1.Welding head frame is available for customization to comply with budgets and production site;

2.Jig can be customized, separated, grafted, and fast docked with the customer`s production line;

3.Adopts industrial computer for simple and reliable operation; Wobble welding head is used to make multiple optic paths;

4.Low operation cost, less consumable materials, simple daily maintenance with less cost;

5.Can do the contactless remote welding, much easier than traditional welding method;

6.Applicable to materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, brass, aluminum alloy plate and other metals.

7.New energy and battery industry, such as Electrode tab welding, metal shell welding, copper column welding, etc.

Industry Laser welding machine application

Suitable for metal materials: Welding of thin metal plates-stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

Applicable products-all kinds of sheet metal, molds, chassis, chassis, kitchen and bathroom products, all kinds of hardware and lighting; high-precision electronic products, high welding strength workpieces, such as pressure vessels, condensers and other products.

Working on Accessories

Working on Hardware

Working on Tools

Working on Parts

Working on tube

Working on Metal

Working on Stainless

Working on Steel

Automatic Laser Welding Machine Table
Model iGWL-AW- 1000 iGWL-AW- 1500 iGWL-AW- 2000
Laser power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Power adjustment range 0%~100%
Plane processing range 1100*600mm
X-axis travel 1280mm
Y-axis travel 780mm
Z-axis travel 780mm
A-axis travel 360°
B-axis travel 360°
X/Y/Z/A/B axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repeated positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z/A/B axis ±0.02mm
X/Y axis maximum linkage positioning speed 20m/min
W axis speed 30r/min
Indication system Red light
Protective gas method Coaxial protection
Optical output interface QBH
Weld thickness 0.3-6mm
Operating Voltage Single 220VAC Three-phase five-wire 380VAC
Frequency 50HZ
Output method Continuous
Laser center wavelength 1080±5nm
Working environment humidity <70%
Total power 7kw 9kw 11kw
Remarks: Can be customized according to customer requirements

Laser welding machine for sale

Compared with other welding technologies, the main advantages of laser welding are as follows: High speed, large depth and small deformation. It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions, and the welding equipment is simple. For example, when a laser passes through an electromagnetic field, the beam will not shift; the laser can be welded in vacuum, air or some gas environment, and can be welded through glass or materials transparent to the beam. It can be used to weld refractory materials such as titanium, quartz, etc. and to weld dissimilar materials with good results. After laser focusing, the power density is high. When high power devices are welded, the aspect ratio can reach 5:1, and the maximum can reach 10:1. It can be used for micro welding. It can be used in the assembly and welding of micro and small workpieces in mass automatic production.

Hand-held laser welding machine can be widely used in cabinets, kitchens, stairs,elevator, hanger, oven, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel home and other industries which have complex, irregular welding process.


With the continuous development of the modern machinery industry, different welding technologies also require the application of different welding equipment, and automatic welding equipment is a kind of automatic welding equipment specially used for welding arc operations. So how to choose high-quality automatic welding equipment? The following is the relevant content knowledge compiled by the editor, I hope it will be helpful for you to choose。

First of all, in order to make the machine freely reach any position in the working space, it only needs to have five degrees of freedom; of course, it would be better if there are six degrees of freedom, so that the automatic welding machine can avoid obstacles. Due to the different configurations of the machine’s spatial mechanism, the machine’s spatial movement range of the parallelogram structure is smaller than that of the automatic welding machine. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a small automatic welding machine.

Automation: Automatic welding equipment, from loading to unloading, the whole assembly line production, which greatly saves the labor for customers. Automation is a feature, but also a coordinate of choice. The arrival of the era of full automation, advancing with the times, is the rule of this market.

Quality: Automatic welding equipment is the main equipment on the welded pipe production line, and the quality must not be sloppy selection. Only high-quality equipment can bring you good products and help you fight the first battle in market competition. Bloer Intelligence firmly believes that good quality is the foundation of business prosperity, the key to customer cooperation, and the lifeline of sustainable development.

1. The cantilever structure is adopted, and the two cantilever beams are annealed to relieve stress after welding to ensure that the beam will not be deformed for a long time;

2. Pneumatic key-pressing structure, closely arranged along both sides of the straight seam, to ensure that the butt weld is evenly compressed within the entire welding length; the distance between the left and right key pressing fingers can be adjusted to suit the welding of different workpieces;

3. According to the thickness of the workpiece, the airbag type or the air cylinder type can be used to ensure sufficient pressing force to prevent thermal deformation during the welding process;

4. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper molds to provide the function of welding back gas protection; according to the barrel or flat workpiece, different welding process grooves are processed to achieve single-sided welding and double-sided forming;

5. The distance between the welding mandrel and the key pressing finger is adjustable, which can adapt to the welding requirements of different workpieces;

6. The welding torch is driven by a DC servo motor, and is driven by a rack and pinion. The track surface is ground and processed, so that the walking is stable, and the welding is stable and reliable;

7. All the air pipes and cables are placed in the drag chain, the appearance is neat and beautiful, and the cable disconnection is avoided at the same time.

1. Straight seam automatic welding machine. Straight seam automatic welding machine is also called longitudinal seam automatic welding machine. It is used to weld the longitudinal seam of the cylinder and the longitudinal seam of the flat plate. It is a kind of automatic welding machine. It can replace labor in a large amount, reduce labor costs, and improve welding workers. The working environment. The iGolden laser longitudinal automatic welding machine adopts a special fixture to heat the welding workpiece, which can ensure that a large amount of heat is taken away when the workpiece is welded, and can ensure that the workpiece is basically not deformed, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and welding quality.

2. Automatic circular seam welding machine. The circular seam automatic welding machine is a universal automatic welding equipment that can complete various circular and circular welds. It can be used for high-quality welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, and can choose argon arc welding (wired or unfilled), MIG welding, plasma welding and other welding power sources to form a set Automatic circular seam welding system.

3. Pipeline automatic welding machine. Pipeline automatic welding machine is a machine for automatic welding of pipeline welds. It uses the principle of workpiece rotation and gun head fixation to weld the weld at the best position (flat welding position). The models are divided into compression automatic welding machine, cantilever automatic welding machine, split automatic welding machine, rotary automatic welding machine, clamp automatic welding machine, etc. Welding methods include TIG, MIG, SAW, and can be equipped according to needs One gun, two guns and three guns. The automatic pipe welding machine is also called pipe welding machine, pipe welding machine, pipe welding machine, pipe welding machine, pipe automatic welding machine, pipe automatic welding machine in our front mountain pipeline.

4. Automatic welding machine for intersecting lines. The new generation of BXJ series intersecting line automatic welding machine produced by Blower Laser takes the motor as the main drive mechanism, and the control system adopts the man-machine interface digital control, supplemented by the relay control, so as to reliably realize the automatic control and programming of welding. Simplify, you can teach it. No need for professional welders to operate the welding machine, reducing costs and improving quality. At the same time, it is suitable for welding of a variety of workpieces such as silencers, oil injection ports, petroleum pipelines and other single-sided annular or related surface tracks, which can ensure that the workpiece is basically not deformed, thereby greatly improving production efficiency and welding quality.

5. Ultrasonic automatic welding machine. According to the level of automation, ultrasonic welding machines can be divided into automatic welding machines, semi-automatic ultrasonic welding machines, and manual welding machines. For modern enterprises, the higher the level of automation, the better the production line of the enterprise. Therefore, the use of automatic welding machines is the future of the enterprise. trend. Shandong Blower Electromechanical Technology specializes in the production of automatic welding equipment for intersecting lines, providing you with customized services, high degree of automation, easy operation, and leading technology to help you produce.

6. Automatic submerged arc welding machine. The automatic submerged arc welding machine refers to the equipment that uses the automatic welding under the flux layer. It is equipped with an AC welding machine as the arc power source. It is suitable for all kinds of grooves with and without grooves that are inclined not more than 10 degrees from the horizontal position. Butt welds, lap welds and fillet welds. Compared with ordinary manual arc welding, it has the outstanding advantages of high production efficiency, good welding seam quality, saving welding materials and electric energy, small welding deformation and improving working conditions.

7. Electroslag automatic welding machine. The electroslag automatic welding machine is an electroslag welding equipment that uses welding wire as the electrode, and the welding wire is fed into the slag pool through a non-consumable electroslag welding gun and conductive tip. The electroslag automatic welding machine is mainly used for high-efficiency welding of vertical welds of steel structures, especially for the welding of box-shaped columns and box-shaped beam partitions.

8. Laser automatic welding machine. The laser welding machine performs deposition, sealing, and repair functions for the wear, scratches, pinholes, cracks, defect deformation, hardness reduction, sand holes and other defects of molds and metal workpieces. After the repair, the substrate will not be deformed, annealed, undercut or residual stress, and will not change the state of its metal structure. The repair accuracy is high. The coating thickness is from a few microns to a few millimeters, and only needs to be polished. High-power argon protection can work for a long time. The energy of the laser beam is adjustable, the moving speed is adjustable, and various welding processes are possible. Laser welding has a high degree of automation and can be controlled by a computer. The welding speed is fast and the efficiency is high. It can conveniently carry out welding of any complicated shape.

9. Electron beam welding machine. Electron beam welding machine is a kind of relatively precise welding equipment that uses the principle of high-speed moving electron beam bombardment of the workpiece for welding processing. It basically represents the highest performance welding level at present. During the welding process, vacuum electron beam welding uses directional high-speed moving electron beams to hit the workpiece to convert kinetic energy into heat energy to melt the workpiece and form a weld. The electron beam energy density is as high as 108 W/cm2, which can quickly heat the weldment metal to a very high temperature, so it can melt any refractory metals and alloys. It does not require filling materials, and is generally welded in a vacuum. The welds are pure, smooth and free of oxidation defects.

10. Welding robot. Welding robots are industrial robots engaged in welding. Industrial robot is a multi-purpose, reprogrammable automatic control manipulator (Manipulator), with three or more programmable axes, used in the field of industrial automation. In order to adapt to different purposes, the mechanical interface of the last axis of the robot is usually a connecting flange, which can be connected to different tools or end effectors. The welding robot is to attach welding tongs or welding (cutting) guns to the final shaft flange of the industrial robot, so that it can perform welding, cutting or thermal spraying.

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