Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine
Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine
Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine
shaped cnc polishing machine
disc cnc sanding processing
Automatic CNC Wood Brush Sanding Machine

Automatic CNC Sanding Machine for Polishing Wooden Door

Item No.: iGC-S

CNC sanding machine is suitable for grinding and polishing all kinds of solid wood doors, European-style wooden doors, cabinet doors, plastic doors, shutters, furniture parts, carved flower panels, hollow grids, white blanks, primers and abrasive cloth strips of different thicknesses. The polishing effect can reach 80%, which greatly saves labour and improves efficiency.

Category: Furniture Making Machine>>Door Maker
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $4700-$8400

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Who is it for?

The excellent sanding machine designed by iGOLDENCNC is used in conjunction with woodworking openers and laminating machines.

It is suitable for all types of solid wood, MDF, plywood and other linear materials (such as door edges, door frames, baseboards, and (Frames, shutters, etc.), L-shaped wooden lines and door panels of regular, irregular, flat and curved surfaces, rough, fine sanding, sanding, polishing, are ideal equipment for producing special-shaped sanding for doors, windows, cabinet furniture, etc.

What makes it unique?

The iGC-S series is very popular among door and window manufacturers and panel furniture manufacturers. As supporting machinery in furniture production lines, it realizes sanding, sanding, and polishing processes.

>Multiple plates and one machine can handle it;
>Swing polishing, 0 dead angle;
>Multi-combination, multi-steering, improve efficiency;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of CNC Sanding Machine

Wooden Door Sanding

Solid Wood Sanding

Solid Wood Polishing

Plywood Sanding

Photo Frame Polishing

MDF Sanding

Door Frame Sanding

Bamboo Board Polishing

Dimensions 2280*2040*2240mm
Processing Width 40-1300mm
Processing Length ≥640mm
Processing Thickness 2.5-100mm
Polishing Roller Speed Frequency
Conveyor 6-30m/min
Machine Weight 1800kg
Total Motor Power 63.74kw
1# Sand Shelf Motor 37kw
1# Sand Shelf Motor 22kw
Worktable Up&down Motor 0.37kw
Brush Roller Motor 0.37kw
Conveyor Motor 4kw
Working Air Pressure 0.55MPa
Compressed Air Consumption 0.1m3/m
Dust Suction Air Volume 95003/h
Dust Suction Speed 25-30m/s

Features of CNC Sanding Machine

Disc sand

Adopt intricate and orderly grinding discs combined with flapping and rotating motion tracks. It can be oscillated and polished left and right to prevent dead corners and polish thoroughly.

Long roller sand

It adopts a combination of sisal + abrasive belt or DuPont wire + abrasive belt, and can be polished by swinging left and right according to different material of the plate.

Vertical roller sand

Using vertical rollers with a diameter of 280mm, according to the requirements of special-shaped plates, multiple combinations and multiple rotations make the grinding more efficient.

Conveying motor

The conveyor belt is equipped with a cast iron gearbox as standard, which
will not affect the machine body during long-term operation at high temperature. The conveying speed can be adjusted at will.

Advantage of CNC Automatic Sanding Machine

> The combined special-shaped sanding machine can effectively solve the problem of vertical sand marks on carved furniture parts and cabinet doors.
> Adopting the European modular design concept, each group of sanding unit adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to meet the sanding quality of different parts.
> Double-sided processing, high efficiency, good effect, suitable for fine processing.
> In terms of power configuration, increase the high-speed motor to improve efficiency.
> High-quality bearings matched with high-quality conveyor belts have a good effect, high speed and impact resistance
> The transmission speed is adjustable, precise control, and smooth use.

European Technology

Introduced European technology research and development, practical and efficient, mainly for wood product rough grinding and primer polishing


The 9.0mm diamond grid conveyor belt can prevent uneven grinding caused by workpieces slipping.


Two sets of diagonal sand rollers, two sets of sand discs rotate and swing left and right at the same time.


There are two sets of lifting devices. The first set of devices can lift the workbench as a whole to reach the height of the overall adjustable sand rack, and the second set of devices can lift each group of sanding units individually to meet the requirements of different workpiece sanding processes.

Options of CNC Sanding Machine

Customized Model

Different machine sizes can be selected according to your needs. 3100*1800*1850mm or 2500*1800*1700mm

The marking of sandpaper is divided into thickness. Coarse sand can be used for preliminary sanding of the workpiece, and fine sand can perfectly polish the workpiece. You can freely match it.

According to customer needs, the number of sand discs and sand rollers can be customized

Sanding machine uses the cutting effect of grit to smooth the processing marks, burrs and stains on the surface of the object. The polishing machine uses polishing wax to fill the pits on the surface of the object to make the surface of the object more flat.
After finishing sanding working ,then polishing works.

Generally speaking, standard sanding machine including cnc side sanding machine, cnc flat surface sanding machine, cnc curved surface sanding machine.

We can customize it accordance with your materials size, normally, it is 1 meter width for cabinet door making, and 1.3 meter width for interior doors making.

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