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CNC Automatic Bottom-heating Vacuum Laminating Machine for Wooden Door

Item No.: iGC-L

The automatic vacuum laminating machine also called vacuum blister machine, is an efficient special machine for attaching PVC, transfer film and solid wood skin. It can realize fast lamination on special-shaped workpieces with complex lines, planes, uneven surfaces, curved surfaces, and complex structural shapes.

Category: Furniture Making Machine>>Door Maker
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $4700-$7100

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Who is it for?

Affordable vacuum laminating machine designed by iGOLDENCNC, which effectively solves the problem of the accuracy and speed control of laminating.

It is suitable for various PVC films, which are applied to furniture, cabinets, speakers, craft doors, security doors, molded doors, panel door covers, decorative wall skirting boards, solid wood doors, polymer polymer doors, straw doors, paint-free door crafts decorative wall boards and other board furniture, and can be used for thermal transfer films and single sheets after adding silicone boards. Veneer veneer work.

What makes it unique?

The iGC-V series is very popular among wooden door manufacturers and panel furniture manufacturers. The product after lamination is firmly bonded without air bubbles.

>Constant temperature heating system, uniform heating, saving energy;
>Intelligent setting, automatic processing;
>Workpiece success rate is above 95%;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of Vacuum Laminating Machine

Cabinet Door Laminating

Clapboard Laminating

Embossed Door Laminating

Closet Laminating Processing

Plastic Laminating

Hollow Board Laminating

Wood Instrument Laminating

Board Furniture Laminating

Dimensions 9470*6170*1400/1500mm
Inside Diameter of Worktable


(PVC Film Width is 1250/1400mm)

Rated Working Pressure Negative Pressure≥-0.095MPa
Max. Processing Height 60mm(Including Pad)
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Total Power 25kw
Actual Consumption 12kw
Machine Weight 2500/2800kg

There are two common PVC widths;

One is relatively thin, with a thickness of 12-18 wires and a width of 1.25 meters, which is mainly used for sliding doors;

The other is thicker, with a thickness between 30-50 wires and a width of 1.40 meters.It is mainly used for cabinet doors.

The length and depth of the work plate can also be specially customized according to customer requirements.

Features of Vacuum Laminating Machine

PVC Film Vacuum Machine

Heating System

Iron air dry burning electric heating tube with aluminum radiator fins, uniform heating.
Automatic vacuum laminating machine

Temperature Control System

Microcomputer time proportional control, no ripple pollution, automatically searches the speed of temperature change, thereby adjusting the heating speed and accurately controlling the temperature.
Automatic vacuum laminating machine

Vacuum Pump

The well-known brand direct-connected rotary vane vacuum pump (2X series), with a displacement of 100 cubic meters per hour, and good stability.

Machine Body

Welded from high-quality steel as a whole, non-deformation, high stability, and auxiliary frame with screw connection for easy transportation.

Worktable Surface

The alloy guide rail station is walking without noise, and the rack drive is automatically driven in and out by the motor. One-button operation saves manpower and ensures high yield.


High-efficiency aluminum integrated travel motor with rack drive, motor reducer as a whole, low noise and low failure rate.

PLC Control

10-inch touch screen, automatic intelligent control system, easy to operate, can store 24 kinds of leathercraft recipes.
PVC Film Vacuum Machine

Electrical Control

Adopts domestic famous brand industrial electrical parts, high temperature resistance, high insulation material configuration, low failure rate.


Large-capacity vacuum double gas tank, double gas passages, strong explosive force, stable performance and high success rate.


Large flow filter with pure copper solenoid valve, with multiple adsorption functions.


Using high-quality rock wool material, which can save energy and improve working efficiency.

Trachea Connection

High-quality stainless steel pipe is used, and the trachea will not be damaged due to regional differences.


Bottom heating control, good absorption effect of high gloss film.


There are two lockers on both sides of the workstation, which is convenient for users to store tools.


Can also be equipped with an automatic film cutter.

Options of Vacuum Laminating Machine

Automatic Vacuum Laminating Machine

We provide machines with different configurations for you to choose.

1. Semi-automatic hand-pulled laminating machine is manually sliding, suitable for processing sliding doors or thinner PVC films.

2. Standard full-automatic double-station laminating machine, automatic in and out, manual button, using 100 vacuum pump, this is the laminating machine most customers choose.

3. Large negative pressure laminating machine. Using 140 large vacuum pump, good adsorption effect, especially for high-gloss PVC film, automatic compression, large vacuum pump, if customers are processing thicker PVC film or mainly processing high-gloss PVC film, it is recommended that you choose this large negative pressure laminating machine.

Worktable of Vacuum Laminating Machine

Can choose a single station or a double station.

The size of the table is usually 3 meters for a station and 1.4 meters for the width; a station is 2.5 meters and the width is 1.2 meters
If the main processing cabinet door panel can choose 2 stations are 3 meters long and 1.4 meters wide (free choice)

The 1.4-meter station is used for cabinet door processing, and the 1.15-meter station is used for sliding door processing (material saving). Most customers choose a 1.4 station and a 1.25-meter station

If the customer processes other samples, they can also request two 1.4m station sizes (can be flexibly selected according to customer processes)

There are three types of laminating pressing cnc machines, which are fully automatic with standard double stations, fully automatic with large negative pressure, and a high-end machine with positive and negative pressure.
According to the current market, full-automatic double-position standard equipment has more choices.

The area of the double-position of the pressing machine should be 10 meters long areas.
In addition, the working space should be fully prepared for 3 meters.

If you are using for cabinet door and the interior doors, they are processed pots of 1 meter 2 and 1 meter 4, can be more targeted to save the films.

If you are processing the movable cnc products, and it is smaller than 30s PVC film, the standard one is the best choice for you. If you are processing interior doors and cabinets doors with more thick PVC films, please use the Large negative pressure series equipment.

This machine is one of cabinet door production line, simple operation, low failure rate equipment. The principle of this device is the principle of high temperature and high pressure, you just need to operate and maintenance it well, the failure rate of this equipment is zero, please ensure using it.

The laminating machine can apply various PVC films on furniture, cabinets, speakers, paint-free doors and other materials for three-dimensional filming. It can be used for hot-printing film and single-sided solid wood veneer film after adding a silicone plate.

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