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Best CNC CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

CO2 laser cutting machine can be performed on non-metallic materials such as bamboo, crystal, horn, paper, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, and plastic.

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Laser Cutting Engraving Machine iGR-B

CO2 laser cutting machine produced by Igoldenlaser, the machine is equipped with imported linear guides. The cutting control system independently developed by our company has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of acrylic cutting, and is equipped with a self-developed high-performance laser tube. This series of machines has high configuration and stable performance.

The laser cutting machine is a highly integrated device that integrates light, machine, and electricity. It has a high technical content. Compared with traditional machining, laser cutting machine has higher machining accuracy and better flexibility, which is beneficial to improve material utilization and reduce product cost. In order to reduce the burden on workers, it can be said that this is a technological revolution for the manufacturing industry.

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Engraving laser machine details

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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Features:

◎High processing efficiency, 10 to 15 times that of manual engraving; high precision, low cost, and good printing effect;

◎The optimized design of the mechanical structure and the smallest overall size of the whole machine not only saves your precious space, but also the structure should not be deformed and the cutting precision is high;

◎Taiwan square linear guide, long life;

◎The use of patented technology makes the engraving effect of the rubber plate better, and it is not easy to burn;

◎Genuine laser engraving software, powerful; engraving and cutting can be carried out at the same time.

Laser Engraving Machines Application

The common processing materials of co2 engraving machine include acrylic, glass, wood, leather, cloth, plastic, two-color board, horn, cardboard, MDF, marble, and other non-metallic materials. And widely used in advertising processing, gift processing, packaging engraving, leather processing, fabric proofing, seal engraving, product marking, seal engraving and many other industries.

Engraving on Plexiglass

Engraving on Wood

Engraving on Shell

Engraving on Rubber

Engraving on Acrylic

Engraving on Stone

Engraving on Glass

Engraving on Bottle

Laser Engraver Machine Parameter

Model iGR-B-1325
Working area 1300mm x 2500mm
Laser power W2/W4/W6/W8
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled
Cooling way Water cooling CW3000/5000/5200
Engraving speed 0-60000cm/min
Cutting speed 0-30000cm/min
Power supply 220V/50Hz,  110V/60Hz,
Laser energy control 1-100% software Settings
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software supported CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
Driving system 3-phase stepper motor with decelerator
Air assist Air pump
Dichroic Cutting Yes
Optional part Red light pointer
Applicable material Suits, Textile, Fabric, Cloth, Jeans, Leather, Acrylic, Wood, Rubber, Paper, Rubber, Dual Color Board, etc…

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Industry-leading mechanical systems, optical path systems, and control systems ensure the high-speed and high stability of the laser cutting machines. Gear & rack driven and servo motors provide precision movements with up to 8000mm/s2 acceleration.

A variety of working formats are available, which can effectively fit the processing needs of various industries and specifications. And we can also customize the cutting format suitable for the specific production needs.

CO2 DC glass laser tube or RF metal laser tube are optional according to industry and processing requirements. Our flatbed CO2 laser cutting machines can be equipped with 80 watts, 130 watts, 150 watts, 200 watts, 300 watts, 600 watts, 800 watts and even a high-power CO2 laser.

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