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Best Laser Etching Machine for Glass and Metal

.A laser etching machine, also known as a laser engraving machine, is a device that uses laser technology to mark, engrave, or etch various materials with precision. These machines are widely used in various industries for tasks such as marking serial numbers, creating designs, and personalizing items.

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Laser Etching Machine

Laser etching machine is to adjust the focus position of the high-energy laser beam, so that the laser directly acts on the film layer to be etched, so that the surface coating is instantly vaporized, so as to achieve the effect of etching, and because of the adjustable nature of the laser energy, it will not affect the bottom substrate during the processing. Compared with chemical reagent etching, this method is smaller in volume, easy to operate, low in cost and high in yield.

Laser etcher can perform decoration and associated engraving on the surface of glass and mirror materials. The machine is equipped with the latest control technology of the top fiber laser source and enhanced large size flat bed, forming a small spot with strong power on the processing material, and then use the laser energy to form a pattern on the surface of the material, by removing the paint on the mirror, so that the glass is completely transparent, widely used in bathroom mirrors and furniture stained glass manufacturers.

laser etching machine

Model iGR-L1325E
Overall size 3000*1800*1500mm
Processing size 1300*2500mm
Machine bed Board welding bed
Beam Aluminium alloy
Machine knife processing High temperature tempering
Control system IGOLDEN
Laser Generator 100W pulse
X/Y axis drive Grinding rack
Z-axis drive Ball screw
Driving motor High precision servo
Guide rail HIWIN
Reducer Japan SHIMPO
Min. linewidth 0.04mm
Marking speed 10-8000mm/s
Repeated accuracy ±0.03mm
Working platform Honeycomb aluminum adsorption platform
Working voltage AC220/50Hz

Laser Etch Machine Application

  • Remove the paint from the mirror and make the glass completely transparent, a system widely used by manufacturers of bathroom mirrors and furniture stained glass;
  • Removing vitrification paint from tempered glass to make the glass slightly opaque, this system is widely used by glass furniture and construction manufacturers to make signs and symbols on already tempered glass.
  • Simultaneously microsculpting and removing the bulk metal coating of most Low-E glass (hard and soft coatings) and silver paste deposits (busbars), this is the system used by refrigerator door manufacturers to produce anti-fog glass and even to produce heated glass (hot furniture).
  • The metal coating (hard and soft) of most Low-E glass has a complex geometric design, a system used by train and environmental glass manufacturers that requires the penetration of mobile phones to radio waves.
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Laser Etching Machine Features:

  1. High strength integrated welding bed, high temperature annealing aging treatment, a precision machining, small beam welding stress deformation, improve the overall accuracy;
  2. The beam and the workpiece are all made of aluminum alloy material, integrated extrusion forming, compared with the steel structure, the weight is reduced by 70%, reduce the wear of each component, improve the dynamic performance, and have the advantages of light weight, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance;
  3. Honeycomb aluminum alloy platform, high flatness, high strength, large and uniform adsorption force;
  4. The whole cable has passed millions of bending anti-fatigue tests to ensure that it is not easy to break during long-term repeated operation and maintains good condition in high temperature and cold environment;
  5. Develop multi-axis motion control, galvanometer control, laser control system with high integration, simple operation, high repeatable positioning accuracy and fast speed.
  6. High processing precision, high degree of automation, labor saving, fast processing speed, simple operation and other characteristics, suitable for the current trend of environmental protection labor policy, can completely overcome the shortcomings of traditional technology high pollution and high labor cost.

Laser etching machines have diverse applications across different industries, including:

Industrial Marking: Adding serial numbers, logos, and other identification marks to industrial products.

Personalization: Engraving names, designs, or messages on items like trophies, jewelry, and gifts.

Art and Design: Creating intricate patterns and designs on various materials for artistic purposes.

Medical Devices: Marking serial numbers or other information on medical equipment.

Electronics: Engraving labels or markings on electronic components.

CO2 Lasers: Commonly used for engraving organic materials like wood, leather, and some plastics.

Fiber Lasers: Suitable for marking and engraving metals and certain plastics.

Diode Lasers: Often used for smaller, less intensive applications.

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