6090 Laser Engraving Machine
6090 Laser Engraving Machine
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6090 Laser Engraving Machine
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6090 Laser Engraving Machine

Mini Laser Engraving Machine For Leather and Wood

Co2 Precision Cutting Machine is used for the processing of leather, electronic paper, PCB and composite materials, high-precision cutting of non-metallic film materials such as gdf film, polarizer, touch screen PET, OCA, tablet, flexible OLED, etc. and other material cutting.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $3650-$4950

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leather and wood laser engraving machine 6090

6090 medium-format laser machine is designed for serial production and cutting of non-metallic materials. The machine is characterized by high rigidity (frame construction), high-precision processing (positioning accuracy up to 0.01 mm) and ease of operation.

This machine is a powerful base for small and medium-sized production and a perfect addition to a large laser shop.

The Co2 laser cutting machine is mainly for non-metal cutting, engraving, marking, it also be named as: CNC laser engraver machine, CNC laser cutter machine, Laser etching machine,laser wood engraver machine.

The popular power of Co2 laser engraving cutting machine is: 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 260w, etc.

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Wood laser engraving machine details

laser engraving machine for guns
laser engraving

Leather laser engraving machine Features:

◎High processing efficiency, 10 to 15 times that of manual engraving; high precision, low cost, and good printing effect;

◎The optimized design of the mechanical structure and the smallest overall size of the whole machine not only saves your precious space, but also the structure should not be deformed and the cutting precision is high;

◎Taiwan square linear guide, long life;

◎The use of patented technology makes the engraving effect of the rubber plate better, and it is not easy to burn;

◎Genuine laser engraving software, powerful; engraving and cutting can be carried out at the same time.

Laser Engraving Machines Application

Cutting: Wood, Rubber, PVC, Polywood, Plexiglass, Paper, Organic Board, Mylar, MDF, Mat Board, Leather, Laminate, Fiberglass, Felt, Fabric, EVA Rubber, Cloth, Acrylic, ABS, etc.

Engraving and Marking: Materials mentioned above, and: Tile, Painted metal, Marble, Glass, Crystal, Ceramic, Aluminum, etc.

1390 CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

laser engraving machine for paper

Engraving on Wood

1390 CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

Engraving on Wood

CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

laser wood engraving cutting machine

Engraving on Acrylic

Engraving on Stone

Engraving on Glass

Engraving on Bottle

Laser Engraver Machine Parameter

Model iGL-C-6090
Working area 600mm x 900mm
Laser power W2/W4/W6/W8
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled
Cooling way Water cooling CW3000/5000/5200
Engraving speed 0-60000cm/min
Cutting speed 0-30000cm/min
Power supply 220V/50Hz,  110V/60Hz,
Laser energy control 1-100% software Settings
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software supported CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
Driving system 3-phase stepper motor with decelerator
Air assist Air pump
Dichroic Cutting Yes
Optional part Red light pointer
Applicable material Suits, Textile, Fabric, Cloth, Jeans, Leather, Acrylic, Wood, Rubber, Paper, Rubber, Dual Color Board, etc…

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturers

iGOLDENCNC is the world-leading laser equipment manufacturer and service provider with a worldwide sales and service network and a broad network. Product resources guarantee that we can provide the most advanced laser technology and professional customer service. Over the past three years, we have provided a variety of  cutting solutions for a wide range of industries, 2 years warranty is the best guarantee.

  The design, raw materials and final products of iGOLDENCNC are certified and tested by the widest range of international standards. All core components such as laser source, laser head, rack, guide rail, motors, reducer are selected from hundreds of tests and comparisons to ensure high quality, stability and practicality.

  The equipment we have provided has been successfully operated in many different working conditions and environments, and it will bring you the most reliable and perfect function to fully satisfy your needs.

Also, if your company needs more detailed information, please let us know as soon as possible.

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    iGOLDENCNC, Your best choice

    iGOLDENCNC, as a professional laser machinery application solution supplier, covers flatbed fiber laser cutting machine, metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutter, metal tube fiber laser cutter, protective fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, handheld laser welding machine, handheld laser cleaning machine and so on.

    cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers

    Strict Quality Control System

    Each machine needs to go through 13 inspection processes from order to delivery. Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, which controls the product quality from raw materials, production, and delivery, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.

    laser cutting machine

    The carbon dioxide laser is a gas molecular laser, the working substance is CO2 gas, and the auxiliary gas is nitrogen, helium, xenon and hydrogen. Since the energy conversion efficiency of this laser is as high as 25%, it is often used as a laser with high power output. The wavelength of carbon dioxide laser is 10.6 microns. It is impossible to see infrared light, has good stability, and is widely used.

    Using the most advanced DSP control technology in the world, the first-in-class continuous and fast curve cutting function and the shortest processing path optimization function greatly improve the work efficiency. For the whole process of engraving, light attenuation compensation is automatically performed to ensure consistent cutting in different areas. The design of fast cutting control software and the buffer function during high-speed movement can improve production efficiency.

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    Laser Engraving Machine Advantages

    With multi-functional detail design, it is more humane, flexible and convenient.Adopting stable laser device, who’s the maintenance cost is low. With the features of compact design and simple structure, it is more convenient to operate. Imported high-precision ball screws and guides are adopted for stable driving and high working accuracy.

    How to choose the right laser engraver machine?

    1.Material to be carved:

    Determine the type of material to be engraved. At present, the CNC laser engraving machine on the market can be roughly divided into non-metal laser engraving machine and metal laser engraving machine. The former is specially used for engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials, while the latter can be used for metal materials. Processing.

    2.Laser power:

    Choose the appropriate laser power according to the material to be processed. For some materials, such as acrylic, two-colour plates, etc., high-power laser tubes are not required, but for some other materials, such as stone, wood and other harder materials, Higher power is required. The excellent working performance will require a power laser tube.


    1. Working size:

    Different applications require laser engraving machines with different working sizes. Generally, laser engraving machines of models 6040, 9060, 1290, 1390, 1490, 1610, 1612, 1812 can be used, for example, the working size of model 6040 is 600*400mm. Different Work scale and different prices. For example:

    1) Rubber pad, rubber sheet, carton board: most laser engraving machines can be used to engrave on rubber sheets. The material does not require some special and fast machines, so it is recommended to use a laser engraving machine suitable for engraving rubber sheets, which is cheap, The investment is small, but the return is fast.

    2) Bamboo, greeting cards, paper-cut gifts, wooden crafts, small ornaments, carved wooden boxes, wine boxes, bamboo tubes, tea tubes, crystal glass ornaments, acrylic crafts, etc., choose small machines, such as 9060 laser engraving machine (900X600mm), the price is extremely high Competitive, high precision, equipped with lifting platform and free replacement platform, can be widely used in various materials and profiles.

    3) Acrylic plate: Most laser engraving machines can be used to cut acrylic plates, however, it is recommended to use a dedicated laser cutting machine. Because the laser cutting machine is optimized for laser cutting and has excellent cutting results. Usually: 60W laser engraver can Cut 8-10mm acrylic. 80w laser engraver can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

    4) Clothing, leather: Choose a suitable laser engraving machine, which has a fast cutting speed and is equipped with a honeycomb cutting platform.

    1. Engraving speed;

    On the premise of excellent engraving effect, pay attention to the working speed of the machine. Only when you produce more products in a short time, you can create higher profits.

    1. Engraving accuracy;

    The biggest difference between a laser engraving machine and traditional engraving equipment with manual engraving is the engraving accuracy. For fine project drawings, the engraving accuracy requirements are relatively high.

    1. Machine quality;

    1) Stepper motor: It will affect the engraving accuracy of the CNC laser engraving machine. There are different types of stepper motors available, including imported ones, household ones, high-quality ones and inferior ones, etc.

    2) Laser lens: It affects the power of the laser engraving machine. It can be divided into imported lenses, domestic lenses, and domestic lenses can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. The price difference is very large, and the work effect and service life are also in this way.

    3) Laser tube: the heart of laser engraving machines. Most household laser engraving machines use domestic laser tubes.

    4) Machine tools: When selecting, pay special attention to the quality of the machine, especially the thickness and strength of the structure.

    What is Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine?

    The laser machine is the general term for laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, and laser marking machines. The laser machine uses its high-temperature working principle to act on the surface of the processed material, and at the same time draws patterns and texts required by customers based on the graphics input into the machine.

    How to Buy a laser engrave machine?

    • Inquiry. Feel free to tell us what material you want, what is your max working size, and what product you want to do. The budget is also welcome.
    • Free Quotation provided. We will send our quotation sheet with machine configuration, photos, videos, and prices to you according to your request.
    • Launch the order. Your company will arrange the deposit, and we start the machine production from 3D design, machine body welding, machining, painting spare parts preparing, manufacture, and inspection.
    • Testing sample video and delivery. After our manufacture and inspection, we will make a final video of the machine working for you. After the confirmation, the machine will be shipped by sea through my or your agent.
    • After-sale service. We will provide a video teaching program to tell the customer how to use or install our machine. And my service team will 7*24 hours online to answer customer questions.
    • Feedback. We are expecting feedback from our customers. Please tell us how you feel about machine quality and service. If you have more ideas to help us improve, that will be very appreciated.


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