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4 Axis Bridge Saw Stone CNC Cutting Machine

4+1 Axis Bridge Saw CNC Granite Stone Cutting Machine

Item No.: 4 Axis Stone CNC Cutting Bridge Saw iGS-B

The Intelligent 4+1 bridge cutter is a fully functional processing equipment with a 360 degree rotation of the head. Saw blade with spindle can be cut, chamfering, digging and other multi-functional integration, intelligent operating system, simple and easy to learn; High quality motor, high precision, fast speed; Transverse, longitudinal, arc, circular, arbitrary Angle, shape cutting. The machine head can move and rotate freely. In addition to cutting modeling, it can also be used for large plate opening, 45 degree chamfering, opening basin hole, stove hole, oblique line cutting.

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4+1 Axis Bridge Cutting Machine

4 axis bridge saw stone cutting machine integrates horizontal cutting, vertical cutting, 45-degree oblique cutting, round, oval, special-shaped layout, infrared positioning, CNC automation and other functions. It is used to cut quartz, granite, marble, rock slab, ceramic tile, slate and other stone materials. It aims to solve the problem of time-consuming, labor-intensive and high-cost high-end technology in the production process of stone countertops.

Stone bridge cutting saws are commonly used in the stone industry, specifically for cutting and shaping granite, marble, and other natural stone materials. They are often used in the fabrication of countertops, flooring, and other architectural elements.

4 axis cnc stone cutting machines are a valuable tool in the stone industry, providing precision cutting and shaping capabilities for a range of stone materials and applications.

Granite Bridge Saw Machine
45°marble stone cutting
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5 Axis CNC Bridge Cutting Machine

Features of Bridge Stone Saw for Countertop with Granite, Marble, Quartz

  • Using automatic touch human-machine interface, intuitive operation, simple and convenient;
  • Main core control component USES the first-line brand, stable performance and long life;
  • Can spin 0 ° to 360 ° and 90 ° inclined processing, used in any direction and any Angle of the cutting;
  • Implementation heterosexual complex surface machining, cutting, milling, drilling and multi-function in one;
  • Increase other optional features, such as photo function layout, automatic measuring plate thickness, automatic pressure material, etc.

 Bridge Stone Saw Parameter

Technical indicators parameter
Model iGS-B
Lathe bed Heavy duty welded bed
Gantry Steel structure
Table Flip table
Guide rail HIWIN30
Rack YYC 2M
Motor power 11KW / 15KW
Saw blade diameter 350mm/400mm/450mm
Control system Chengdu
Voltage 3 . 380V/220V 50-60Hz 10A
Dimensions 5651*4084*2673mm
Function Square, round, horse belly edge cutting, Taiwan basin cutting, laser positioning, knife, 45° oblique cutting, automatic copy feeding
Opention Dust-free measurement software

Bridge Stone Saw Application

The 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw is good at cutting, milling, chamfering and edging quartz, marble, artificial stone and slabs in regular and irregular shapes. It can realize countertop cutting, bridge cutting, roman column cutting, arc line cutting, concave-convex cutting, and irregular edge cutting and milling. The automatic stone cutting bridge saw can process products of sanitary ware, stone furniture, interior decoration, and other fields. For example, wash basins, bathroom countertop, stone tables, dinning tables, kitchen tables, kitchen cabinet basins, background wall, roman edge stone decorations, etc.

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