CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine
CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine
door stile milling machine
CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine
CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine
wooden door stile machine
CNC Solid Wood Splicing Door Making Machine

CNC Automatic Door Stile Machine for Wooden Door

Item No.: iGC-D

CNC solid wood door stile milling machine is a CNC automation equipment mainly used for cutting original wood boards and solid wood splicing boards. It is popular among the wood door industry and panel furniture industry.

Category: Furniture Making Machine>>Door Maker
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 230 sets/month
Price Range: $26515-$28515

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Who is it for?

Economical CNC door stile machine designed by iGOLDENCNC, which simplifies the process and reduces the processing cost of wooden doors.

It is professionally used in conjunction with other equipment (CNC router, machining centre, etc.) of panel furniture production lines, widely used in non-metal CNC machining fields such as panel furniture, custom cabinets, solid wood furniture, etc. Suitable for solid wood assembly doors, solid wood cabinet doors, solid wood Wardrobe doors, solid wood framed cabinets, solid wood retaining walls, etc.

What makes it unique?

The iGC-MD series is very popular among wooden door manufacturers and panel furniture manufacturers, and can process various styles of combined shapes and patterns according to design requirements.

>30 wooden doors / 8 hours, 300 cabinet doors / 8 hours;
>Simplify the process and improve work efficiency;
>High-end CNC system, easy to operate, diverse processing styles;
>Double pressing device to ensure the safety of operators and reduce personnel accidents;
>Suitable for mass production and small-batch customization.

Applications of CNC Door Stile Machine

Door Stile Milling

Door Rail Milling

Door Curved Milling

Core Board Milling

Horizontal Stile Milling

Door Frame Milling

Max. Feeding Speed 45m/min
Max. Processing Speed 10m/min
Max. Drilling Depth 130mm
Max. Milling Depth 50mm
Processing Angle 45°/90°/135°
Milling Cutter Outer Diameter 190mm
Spindle Speed 12000RPM
Operating Voltage AC380V,50/60HZ,3PH
Processing Length 2500mm
Processing Thickness 60mm
Dimensions 4800*1700*1650mm
Machine Weight 3500kg

Features of CNC Door Stile Machine

Double High-power Spindles

Steel Worktable with 4 Partition

Japan YASKAWA Servo Motor

Stainless Steel Gear Lever

Taiwan SYNTEC Control System

High Precision Ruler

Options of CNC Door Stile Machine

CNC Tenon Machine

Tenon picture

Solid wood assembly doors, solid wood cabinet doors, solid wood closet doors, solid wood frame type cabinets.

1.Adapts to High-end control system, easy operation, you can design any styles as the requires.

2.More powerful, it is widely used for solid wood door caps, door cores, door stiles processing.

3. High efficiency, high precision.

4. Economical and practical, low cost, reducing labour costs, multi function, high performance.

Solid wood door making cnc machine is a professional automatic cnc milling machines for solid wood door caps, door cores,door stiles milling, slotting, etc . It is not only economical and practical, but also easy operations. It reduces the production processing procedure, improving the production efficiency. It is the best options for all the solid wood door business.

This machine can produce over 100 pcs of interior doors and 200 to 300 pcs of cabinet doors every 8 hours. Easy operation with high production efficiency, the best cnc machines for solid wood door manufactures.

This cnc machines, it is automatically processing side-door stiles, vertical stiles, top tiles, middle stiles, bottom stiles and door cores, etc. It can be easily used for slotting, milling, drilling, etc, no need for the professional software. Also,this machine has multi spindles, these 2 horizontal spindles with Guillotine knifes and dock knifes, and these Spindle cutters one left and one right rotation in two directions to avoid stubble. This machine can achieve multi-station batch processing, very high productivity. The software interface operation is easy to understand, the digitization modularization input, reducing the technical request. Also, the software has a backup restore device.

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