Edge Banding Machine
Hinge Drilling Machine for Furniture Door Panel
Hinge Drilling Machine for Furniture Door Panel
Edge Banding Machine
Edge Banding Machine
hinge drilling machine (10)
Hinge Drilling Machine for Furniture Door Panel
hinge drilling machine (6)
Hinge Drilling Machine for Furniture Door Panel
hinge drilling machine (11)

Hinge Drilling Machine for Door Panel Drilling

Item No.: iGC-HD

Hinge drilling machine are mainly used to drill the hinges of furniture door panels, such as wardrobe door panels, cabinet doors, and office furniture door panels. The hinge eyes and the fixing screw eyes on both sides can be drilled at one time, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of furniture! Its positioning buckle ruler and pneumatic pressing device further improve the degree of the product, so that the drilled hinge hole reaches the perfect standard. Adopting foot switch to control operation is safe and labor-saving.

Category: Furniture Making Machine>>Door Maker
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Price Range: $1200-$2000

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Who is it for?

The hinge drill machine designed by iGOLDENCNC is used in conjunction with woodworking CNC routers.

It is suitable for all kinds of density boards,particle board,artificial board,PVC board,organic glass board and solid wood board. The kinetic components choose the high-grade anti-wear materials with fine durability. The speed stabilizer guarantees smooth feeding against the work piece. The body of the machine is made of good steel which the high heat treatment is crossed. So it will not be out of shape forever.

What makes it unique?

The iGC-HD series is very popular among door and window manufacturers and panel furniture manufacturers. As supporting machinery in furniture production lines, it can realize professional punching.

>Multiple plates and one machine can handle it;
>Swing polishing, 0 dead angle;
>Multi-combination, multi-steering, improve efficiency;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of CNC Hinge Drilling Machine

Wooden Drilling

Solid Wood Drilling

Wood Door Drilling

Plywood Drilling

Drilling diameter ≤35mm
Drilling depth ≤50mm
Length of work piece ≤1000mm
Dimensions 1000*650*1550mm
Spindle speed 2840r/min
Number of drill spindles 3*1 (can customized)
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Motor power 1.5KW

Features of CNC Hinge Drilling Machine

Options of CNC Hinge Drilling Machine

Customized Model

Can choose single-head hinge drill or double-head hinge drill.

And we can customized according to your process requirements.

We can send you free components to you if your machines are in guarantee time. We can send our engineers to repair your machines

The woodwokring CNC machine, the automatic edge banding machine, the table panel saw cutting machine and the CNC sanding machine. We have the whole furniture product line, if you need, you can send message to us!

We can customize it accordance with your materials size, normally, it is 1 meter width for cabinet door making, and 1.3 meter width for interior doors making.

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