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Stone laser marking and engraving are processes that involve engraving images, text, or messages on stones using laser technology. It is a unique, modern, and stylish concept of stone marking that is widely used for gifting and other decorative purposes.

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Laser power:40w-120w
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Laser Stone Engraving Machine

A stone laser engraving machine is a type of laser engraving machine specifically designed for engraving and etching designs, patterns, and text onto various types of stone surfaces such as granite, marble, slate, and others. These machines use a laser to remove material from the stone surface, creating the desired design or pattern.

CO2 laser machines are better suited for engraving and etching on softer stones like marble and slate, while fiber lasers are more suitable for harder stones like granite.

When choosing a stone laser engraving machine, it’s important to consider the size of the machine, the power of the laser, the software used to control the machine, and the compatibility of the machine with the type of stone being engraved. It’s also important to follow proper safety procedures when using a laser engraving machine.

Stone laser engraving machine are used to engrave stone in the commemorative items industry, in craft and design, with photo engravings, for gifts, promotional products, decorative items and for interior design, e.g. for stone tiles. Laser engraving really comes into its own and achieves fantastic results for dark types of stone such as basalt, slate or granite. So, pretty much any individual design can be produced using the high-quality laser cutters from JustLaser – regardless of whether they’re photos, designs, pieces of text or logos. Laser engraving is frequently used for the following products:

Gravestones, urns, commemorative plaques and steles

Wall and floor tiles, worktops and furniture

Designing and customising jewellery made from natural stone

What Types Of Stones are Used in Stone Engraving?

Finding the right stone to use for your carvings that is compatible with laser engraving is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here we will talk about the most popular stones engraving processes;

· Granite Engraving

Granite is a durable stone that is not as expensive as marble and has a rough finish. It is very popular because you can engrave it with just about anything. Granite engraving produces appealing results to help meet your desires.

· Ceramic Engraving

Ceramic tiles come in many shapes, such as squares, circles, diamonds, and triangles. They are not as durable as granite, but they are more affordable than marble. Because of the rough surface, you can engrave them with standard fonts, which can be tricky with granite.

Ceramic Engraving allows flexibility, and you can get several engraving options for ceramic.

· Marble Engraving

Marble comes in many colors and has a high polish finish so that any engravings will be very noticeable. You can also etch into the marble’s surface, giving it an antique look that ceramic tiles do not have.

Marble is also the most used stone etching material.

There are several factors that can impact the productivity of a stone laser engraving machine, including:

  1. Laser power: The power of the laser is one of the most important factors in determining the productivity of a stone laser engraving machine. A higher-powered laser can engrave designs onto stone surfaces more quickly and efficiently than a lower-powered laser.
  2. Engraving speed: The speed at which the laser moves across the stone surface can also impact productivity. A faster engraving speed can increase the rate at which designs are engraved onto stone surfaces.
  3. Software capabilities: The software that controls the laser engraving machine can also impact productivity. Advanced software can optimize the laser’s movement patterns, reducing the time required to engrave complex designs onto stone surfaces.
  4. Stone preparation: The preparation of the stone surface prior to engraving can also impact productivity. A smooth and even surface can make the engraving process faster and more efficient.
  5. Maintenance and upkeep: Regular maintenance and upkeep of the laser engraving machine can help ensure that it operates at peak productivity. This includes cleaning the machine and its components, replacing worn parts, and ensuring that the laser is properly calibrated.

In summary, productivity in the context of a stone laser engraving machine refers to the rate at which the machine is able to engrave designs onto stone surfaces while maintaining high-quality results. Factors that can impact productivity include laser power, engraving speed, software capabilities, stone preparation, and maintenance and upkeep。

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