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Multi Layer Fabric Cutting Machine


A multi-layer fabric cutting machine is a type of automatic cutting equipment specifically designed for cutting multiple layers of fabric at once. is an essential tool in the textile and garment industry, designed to cut multiple layers of fabric simultaneously. This significantly improves efficiency and precision in high-volume production settings. It is commonly used in industries such as garment manufacturing, upholstery, and textile production.

Category: Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $8000-$10000

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Automatic Multi Layer Cutting Machine

A multi-layer fabric cutting machine is a specialized cutting tool designed to cut multiple layers of fabric simultaneously. It is commonly used in industries such as apparel manufacturing, upholstery, and textile production, where cutting large quantities of fabric efficiently is required.

Multi-layer cutting machines are extensively used in the textile and apparel industries to cut fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, denim, and more. They can handle different types of fabrics, including woven, knitted, and non-woven textiles.

Multi layer cutting machine is a specialized tool designed to cut multiple layers of material at once, utilizing advanced technology and automation. These machines are equipped with features such as computerized controls, automatic feeding systems, and high-speed cutting mechanisms, ensuring precise and efficient cutting of a wide range of materials.

multi layer cutting machine

Tool head (optional)

textile cutting machine

Loading device

knife cutting machine

Operation panel

Infrared cross location

oscillating cutting machine kit (2)

Multi Layer Fabric Cutting Machine Data


Product number 1725 2030 2330 2630
Clipping height 1-11cm
Effective cropping width 1700mm 2000mm 2300mm 2600mm
Effective cutting length Automatic feeding unlimited length
Automatic spreading length 16.8m spreading table(total working length 24m)
Land size 35000*2600*1600mm
Way of transporting the knife Reciprocating vibrating knife transport
Cutting speed 0-60m/min
Cuttingknife grinding Double wheel counter-rotating grinding
Adsorption method Frequency conversion vacuum constant pressure control mode
Safety devices Automatic induction
voltage Three-phase AC380V/50Hz/25KW
Operate computer Ordinary computer,Windows7
Operation panel Touch control panel
Clipping parameters Input LAN,USB
Device weight 4500kg
Other functions Mobile cutting device, automatic feeding device,pattern scanning,adsorption bed
Operating system Suppors the overall rotation of the nesting chart, knife-edge conversion,single-piece recutting,
one-key deletion of overlapping areas (supports removal of repeated lines),residual cloth cutting
Main machines and accessories 1.Automatic multi-layer cutting bed 2.Automatic cloth spreading machine 3. Air floatation table

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine Feature


  1. High cutting capacity: Multi-layer fabric cutting machines are capable of cutting a large number of fabric layers simultaneously, ranging from 20 to 100 layers or more, depending on the machine’s specifications.
  2. Precision cutting: These machines are equipped with advanced cutting technology, such as computerized control systems and high-precision cutting tools, ensuring accurate and consistent cutting results.
  3. Efficient and time-saving: By cutting multiple layers at once, multi-layer fabric cutting machines significantly increase production efficiency and save time compared to manual cutting methods.
  4. Versatility: These machines can handle various types of fabrics, including woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, synthetic fabrics, and even delicate or stretchy materials.
  5. Customizable cutting patterns: Multi-layer fabric cutting machines can be programmed to cut fabric according to specific patterns and designs, allowing for customization and flexibility in production.
vibration knife

Oscillating Knife Tool

Supports up to 8 multifunctional tools at the same time (e.g. EOT, POT, Hole Punching Tool, power rotary tool, kiss cutter,Universal Cutting Tool, Pen, v-cutter)

Electric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool

Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System

Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen

Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool

Multi Layer Fabric Cutting Machine Applications

  • Rubber: Multi-layer cutting machines can handle various types of rubber materials, including natural rubber and synthetic rubber. 
  • Felt: Felt is a dense and compressed fabric material often used for crafts, industrial applications, and musical instrument components.
  • Technical Textiles: Multi-layer cutting machines are also suitable for cutting technical textiles, which are engineered fabrics with specialized properties.
  • Non-Woven Materials: Non-woven materials, such as spunbond, needle-punched, or melt-blown fabrics, can be cut efficiently using multi-layer cutting machines.
  • Foam: These cutting machines can efficiently cut layers of foam materials such as polyurethane foam, memory foam, or foam rubber. 
  • Leather: Multi-layer cutting machines are capable of cutting leather materials with precision. They can handle genuine leather, synthetic leather, and bonded leather, making them suitable for leather goods manufacturing, upholstery, footwear production, and other leather-related industries.
multi layer cutting

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