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Projecttion Visual Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine

This digital image processing-based projector vibrating knife-cutting machine uses projector technology to precisely position the material to be cut. It is mainly used in garment production to cut a fixed pattern on a whole piece of fabric and then assemble the cut pattern to form a garment. IGOLDENCNC’s digital knife cutting machines offer high-precision capabilities, making them ideal for industries where precision is key.

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Projecttion Visual Knife Cutting Machine

Automatic projection Digital Knife Cutting Machine for vinyl leather is used to cut versatile patterns in one continuous operation. The main application is in garment production, where a fixed shape pattern is cut into the whole piece of fabric and the cutout pattern is then assembled to form the garment.

It uses a high-precision stepper motor drive system with sonic frequency control technology, pixel pitch 0.2mm / point, full-color display, automatic cutting mode (adjustable at any time), and can automatically adjust itself based on the product size, adjusting the cutting position automatically according to material thickness and size changes in real-time.

This Automatic projection nesting Digital Knife Cutting Machine for vinyl leather is a digital image processing-based projector vibrating knife cutting machine that uses projector technology to precisely position the material to be cut. 

Projection Nesting Vibrating Knife Cutting Machine
oscillating cutting machine part
oscillating cutting machine kit (2)

Projecttion Visual Knife Cutting Machine

Projection Digital Knife Cutting Machine Feature

The main application is in garment production, where a fixed shape pattern is cut on the whole piece of fabric and then the cut pattern is assembled to form the garment.

The projector software allows intelligent 360-degree adjustment of the angle of placement of the cut parts, eliminating the need for manual material alignment.

Selecting the parts to be processed, the software automatically lays out and optimizes the nesting of the material, which is displayed on the machine table via the projector, reducing the waste of material.

The machine system automatically recognizes the projected trajectory and the cutting head follows the projected trajectory to cut the pattern, improving accuracy and efficiency.

The automatic feeding device allows continuous feeding and long cutting across the width, with no limit to the theoretical cutting length.

CNC Digital Knife Cutter Technical Data

Technical indicators parameter
Model iGK-1625(Size can be customized)
Working Size 2500(L)*1600mm(W)
Dimensions 3200*2300*1200mm(L*W*H)
Machine body Welded high strength integrated bed
Platform Aerospace aluminum vacuum adsorption platform
Platform adsorption material 4mm felt
Tool Vibrating knife
Cutting speed 200-2600mm/s
Translatory velocity 500-2800mm/s
Cutting thickness 0.1-40mm(The actual materials shall prevail)
Cutting accuracy 0.05mm(The actual materials shall prevail)
Operating system Zhongrui
Vacuum pump 9KW vacuum pump
Drive part Taiwan straight square rail and rack
Miscellaneous function Cross red light location
Motor drive Full servo motor drive
Electric device Chint/Omron
Voltage AC220V/380V,50Hz
Weight 1500KG
Can be matched with knives Vibrating knives, round knives, punching knives,
pneumatic knives, multi-layer knives,
supporting knives, half cutters, bevel cutters, milling cutters, etc.

Digital Die Cutter Application

Widely used in sign graphics, digital printing, packaging, automobiles, cruise ships, exhibition tools, sign production, gasket materials, crafts and other industries.

Digital cutting plotter can cut any material size without limitations. You can cut a small piece of material or a large piece of material with the same accuracy.

Digital Knife Cutter Machine Materials:

Commonly used to cut and process materials such as corrugated board, honeycomb board, fluted core such as correx, flexo plates, KT panel, foam board such as Foamex, carpet, corrugated plastics, thin plastics like HIPS, PP sheet, gaskets, leather and flexo glass.

Equipped with electric control system and induction heating, automatic control, and operation, Knife automatically returns to starting position, and a variety of knives can be cut. The specific application scenarios are as follows:

Vibration Knife Cutting application
Knife Cutting Machines application-4

vibration knife

Oscillating Knife Tool

Supports up to 8 multifunctional tools at the same time (e.g. EOT, POT, Hole Punching Tool, power rotary tool, kiss cutter,Universal Cutting Tool, Pen, v-cutter)

Electric Oscillating Tool ,Pneumatic oscillating Tool

Creasing Wheel,V-cutter,Camera Vision System

Punching Tool,Spindle,Mark Pen

Kiss-cut Tool, Drag Tool,Round blade Tool

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