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Robot Laser Cleaning Machine

Robot laser cleaning machine is a new high-tech product for surface cleaning. Less waste, easy operation and maintenance are the main advantages. You just power on and it can get the surface clean with no chemical reagents, media, dust, or water.

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Laser Cleaning Robot

Robot laser cleaning machine, using high frequency and high energy laser pulse irradiation of the workpiece surface, the surface oil, rust or coating instant evaporation or peeling, high-speed and effective removal of cleaning object surface attached or surface coating, so as to achieve the process of clean cleaning object;

Six-axis robot linkage, high positioning accuracy, large processing range, easy to realize three-dimensional workpiece cleaning;

The combination of laser cleaning and robot has the advantages of automation, intelligence and high flexibility, which can be used for the cleaning of complex surface materials, more efficient and fast.

Laser Cleaning System

Robotic Laser Cleaning Machine Configuration Design

Robot Laser Cleaning System-2

Process Complex 3D Parts

The robot cleaning machine is ideal to process complex 3D parts such as engine blocks, transmission cases and wheels. By combining a robot arm with our unique autofocusing capabilities, the positioning of the laser head is greatly simplified, allowing you to apply precise cleaning and texturing patterns.

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Dedicated laser

It adopts a continuous laser dedicated to laser cleaning, which has almost no damage to the surface of the substrate, is stable, efficient, energy-saving, and maintenance-free, and has been verified by the market.The internal core structure is fully enclosed to prevent the optical part from being polluted and damaged.

Robot Laser Cleaning System

HMI Control Panel

The standard HMI control panel provides direct access to laser parameters near the machine. You can: Set laser parameters Enter the manual operation mode to run validation tests or calibrate the laser Display information such as the system status and the operation mode.


Cooling system

Intelligent control, adaptive cold and hot dual temperature adjustment. The cleaning head and the laser source are cooled separately, the laser output is stable, the speed is fast and energy saving.

Robot Laser Cleaning Machine Features:

  • Robot six-axis linkage, high positioning accuracy, large processing range, easy to achieve all kinds of workpiece cleaning;
  • High-end standard laser head, a variety of cleaning modes, can achieve precise position, precise size selective cleaning;
  • Using non-contact cleaning, non-contact cleaning, no damage to the parts matrix, fast cleaning speed, high precision;
  • No chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safety and environmental protection;
  • They are used in automobile manufacturing, machining, electronic processing, heritage restoration, die and mold industry, shipping industry, food processing, petrochemical industry, etc.

Robot Laser Cleaning Machine Application

Laser Cleaning Automation System  Materials mostly used for laser cleaning are Aluminium (Anodized/Polished/Cast), Stainless Steel/ Mild Steel, Titanium, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Galvanized Metals, Multi-Coated Materials, Painted Metal Alloys, Plastics, Polypropylene/Poly-carbonate, Cast Iron and Chrome, Chrome, Carbide, Rubber and PVC.

Cleaning Head is portable and it operates with precise deflection and position of the laser beam. The head provides good stability with pressurised water cooling to the optics and dust proof.

Derusting parts
rust remover for cars

Automation Laser Cleaning Machine Parameter

Technical index Parameter
Model iGCL-RC- 1500 iGCL-RC- 2000 iGCL-RC- 3000
Laser power 1500W 2000W 3000W
Laser wavelength 1080±10nm
Robot SYNTEC cleaning robot
Max. load on wrist 20KG
Repositioning  accuracy ±0.08mm




Range of motion

J1 ±170°
J2 135/-90°
J3 75/-140°
J4 ±170°
J5 ±130°
J6 ±360°




Max. speed

J1 190º/s
J2 140º/s
J3 140º/s
J4 320º/s
J5 150º/s
J6 320º/s
Run-length 0-300mm
Focal length 500-1000mm
Cleaning mode Supports multiple cleaning modes (see corresponding system for details)
Voltage 220V±10%/380V±10%
Total power ≤8kw ≤10kw ≤12kw
Gross weight 268KG(Robor)+260KG(The Cleaning machine)
Remarks: Other brand robots can be customized


The robot cleaning machine is perfectly suited to clean multiple parts within the same robot cell. It is a highly versatile and future-proof solution that allows you to easily add part variants as you start new programs over the years.

Automation Robot Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser cleaning machine combined with 3D robot, it greatly improves the positioning accuracy, the workpiece will achieve selective cleaning with accurate location and precision;

The Robot Cleaning Machine is our most flexible laser cleaning solution. It allows you to benefit from the high-speed of the laser system and the flexibility of a multiple-axis robot arm. This fully automated solution can process any part geometry as well as complex surfaces with several cleaning and texturing zones. It is designed to run 24/7 while maintaining very low operation costs.


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 iGCL series laser cleaning machine is the new generation of safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly metal laser cleaning equipment, using handheld swing cleaning head, touch screen and button control, combined with the advanced integrated control system, the precision CNC fiber laser cleaning machine is assembled. It meets the cleaning requirements of complex shapes and fine positioning in the industrial processing field, and achieves higher cleanliness cleaning effects and lower overall cost production benefits.  

iGOLDENLASER is the world-leading laser equipment manufacturer and service provider with a worldwide sales and service network and a broad network. Product resources guarantee that we can provide the most advanced laser technology and professional customer service. Over the past three years, we have provided a variety of metal cutting solutions for a wide range of industries, 2 years warranty is the best guarantee.

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