Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Quartz CNC Machining Center in 2023 Hot Sale

Quartz stone CNC machining center is a kind of stone processing equipment, which is used to make stone kitchen sinks, stone countertops, basins, etc. It integrates edging, polishing, drilling, milling, and profiling. One-click intelligently completes routine cutting, 45° bevel cutting, multi-angle arbitrary cutting, curve cutting, inner corner and pothole cutting and other processes.

Main Features of Quartz CNC Machining Center

★ Heavy-duty mechanical structure, good bearing capacity, not easy to deform, special bed design, can carry more than 2000 kg of materials.

★ The specially designed Z-axis can improve the accuracy of stone relief and completely solve the problem of Z-axis belt or ball screw breakage.

★ The waterproof and dustproof system of X Y Zaxis can protect all parts, reduce machine failure and prolong service life.

★ High-performance drive motor ensures high speed and high precision of the machine.

★ It adopts water-cooled brushless spindle of domestic famous brand, with low noise and strong cutting ability, ensuring long-term work.

★ Automatic tool setting Simple and accurate “Z” zeroing for single and multiple tool changes

★ Easy-to-use Mach 3 controller works with all industry standard CAD/CAM software

★ High-end silver square rail

★ XY axis German helical rack and pinion

★ Z-axis high precision TBI ball screw

★ 900*1500mm, 1300*1800mm, 1300*2500mm, 1500*3000mm, 1800*2500mm standard size (special size can be provided upon request)

★ 1-axis, 2-axis or 3-axis are available upon request.

Quartz Stone Kitchen CountertopsThe advantages of quartz stone CNC machining center:

  1. Steel welded base, good rigidity and high precision.

The integral cast structure provides a stable working platform with minimal machine vibration and low noise. The smooth and stable high-speed engraving movement depends largely on the mechanical structure of the machine: three-axis high-precision motion unit; Taiwan imported linear guides, stepper or servo motors and drivers, all these main components ensure that the quartz stone CNC machining center can be processed at high speed. , work with high precision.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

  1. High-precision, high-speed, low-noise spindle motor

Quartz stone CNC machining center mainly uses stone planer for carving, which requires high precision and speed of spindle motor. Quartz stone CNC machining center adopts Yaskawa or Panasonic servo motor imported from Japan, which can perfectly cooperate with stone tools to achieve excellent engraving.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

  1. Fine drive technology

Motor drives play an important role in the machining process. Usually the drive is an auxiliary part of the motor. A good drive can ensure high control accuracy, high running speed, and greatly improve the average speed of motion.


Advantages of Jiabang CNC Quartz Stone CNC Machining Center:

Powerful functions: Roman edge, rear curved water retaining, upper and lower basins on the table, special-shaped cutting and grinding

Intelligent environmental protection: automatic environmental protection treatment throughout the process; construction of dust-free workshops to reject pneumoconiosis

Simple and easy to learn: ordinary workers can get started in one working day, more worry-free

European-style edging: It can realize edging of various stone countertops. According to the shape of the grinding wheel, it can complete the processing of various edge types such as Roman edge, French edge, and sea pond edge.

Efficiency cost: It takes an average of 6-12 minutes for a set of 2.4-meter countertop edging and grinding, and the processing cost is about 7 yuan/meter (including labor + water and electricity + grinding wheel wear).

Grinding the round bottom: It can realize the processing of the round bottom arc of the back of the kitchen countertop, and the size of the round bottom arc can be controlled by the grinding wheel.

Efficiency cost: The round-bottom arc forming of the two-meter table + the rear water blocking polishing time is about 6-15 minutes, and the processing cost is about 10 yuan/meter (including labor + water and electricity + grinding wheel failure).

Processing pot holes: It can realize the processing and forming of Taichung pots, under-counter pots, stove holes, and water pipe holes.

Efficiency cost: 500*700mm*20mm opening time is about 3 minutes, standard 3MM Taichung basin is about 5 minutes, under-counter basin is about 7 minutes, the processing cost is as low as 5 yuan / piece (including labor + water and electricity + grinding wheel wear)

Water stop before grinding: It can realize the water stop processing in front of the kitchen table, and control the slope of the front water stop according to the shape of the grinding wheel.

Efficiency cost: The time of front water-stop molding + polishing is about 7m/min, and the processing cost is about 10 yuan/m (including labor + water and electricity + grinding wheel loss)

Slot milling, face milling: It can realize surface milling and bevel milling of drainage grooves such as stone tables.

Simple and easy-to-learn controls: We have deeply optimized the control system for the generally low level of worker literacy. The normal training time is 4-6 hours, and the training personnel can accompany the trained workers to carry out trial processing for about 1 day, and then they can operate it proficiently. Not afraid of personnel loss, no programming, no need for high-end computer mechanics.

Environmental protection and health, stay away from pneumoconiosis: In response to the national environmental protection mechanism, grinding wheel + water cooling, keep away from dust, and give yourself a healthy working environment.

More competitive craftsmanship: The quartz stone countertop machining center can provide users with a variety of high-end craftsmanship (labor time and labor saving), and differentiated operations are more competitive.

Automatic tool change system: The processing process does not require manual participation, and the operator can do other work; the labor is liberated to the greatest extent, and the unattended operation is truly realized.

Self-circulating water system: The machine has its own circulating water tank, and the whole machine realizes self-circulation, just need to change the water regularly for cleaning; if the factory has a sand tank, it can be used in combination.

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