CNC engraving machine

Wood CNC Machine of working principle

The wood cnc machine of working principle,only by understanding the working principle of the equipment, can we better understand the use of the machine and the machine. Next, let’s browse the article together to understand the relevant content!

CNC engraving machineThe wood cnc machine multiple data input modes are easy to use according to needs. It can be compatible with CASMATE from Israel, ARTCAM from the United States, TPYE3 from France and other selected engraving software at home and abroad, and it can also be compatible with JD software in the ENG format of the wood cnc machine. The quick-cut wood cnc machine can adapt to the needs of customers at different levels and in different fields, which greatly expands the application field of the quick-cut wood cnc machine. No matter what kind of engraving software the customer is more familiar with or prefer, they can choose to use it.

CNC engraving machine

The arc optimization command of the wood cnc machine can automatically eliminate speed chatter marks according to the characteristics of the workpiece. Traditional CNC control systems often have the following problems: the curve speed is faster than the straight line speed, the curve accuracy is worse than the straight line, the machine jitter is very severe and the speed is slow when doing three-dimensional relief, and the accuracy is poor. The application of this control system completely solves this problem, that is, it improves the processing efficiency (adding time can be shortened by 30%-300%), and can also eliminate the speed chattering and improve the processing quality.

The wood cnc machine adopts widened high-precision cylindrical linear guide rail, which has good stability and high precision. The processing stroke is greater than 160 mm, which is higher than other equipment, especially suitable for making blister molds, contracting semi-finished products processing, etc., so that the work is not limited to PVC, acrylic and other processing like other wood cnc machine.

During the processing of the wood cnc machine, the processing depth can be dynamically adjusted. During the machining process, the machining speed and cutting speed can be dynamically adjusted. The wood cnc machine  is completely designed by Carter’s embedded CNC controller, which can be used in harsh environments. The industrial standard bus structure design ensures the stability and reliability of the control system.

Among them, the automatic leveling stone wood cnc machine tool not only retains the advantages of the traditional stone wood cnc machine tool, but also has a greater improvement in stability and precision through further innovation. By changing the structure of the machine tool and solving the difference in the thickness of the stone, it can be normally engraved on the uneven stone.

By understanding the above content, everyone is already familiar with the working principle of the engraving equipment, so that you can better try the machine in your work.

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