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Common Faults, Fault Judgment Methods And Solutions Of CNC Cutting Machine

In the process of using CNC cutting machine, we will encounter all kinds of problems, and small problems will become big problems. However, when we encounter problems, we need to judge those problems. Do you know the common faults, fault judgment methods and solutions of the cutting machine? How much do you know about this? Next, iGolden CNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to help you.

CNC cutting machine

  1. Handling overrun

Reason: This situation is usually caused by the values of “Physical Coordinate Position” and “Substitute Machining File Size” of the machining zero point exceeding the “soft limit”

Caused by the maximum or minimum value set by the “judgment method”: after the user defines the machining zero point, the machining starts, and the x-axis or y-axis exceeds the limit in a certain direction

Solution: Re-select the appropriate machining zero point.

  1. The processing is interrupted abnormally.

Reason: The restricted area set by the user is smaller than the actual processing area of the machine tool

Judgment method: the system can start processing normally, and abnormal interruption occurs after processing for a period of time

Solution: The restricted area is larger than the actual processing area of the machine tool.

CNC cutting machine

  1. Power failure (power failure)

Cause: Voltage Fluctuation

Judgment method: the screen prompts normal, but pressing any key when the value stops changing is invalid; the screen prompts “entering the power-off protection state. It may be that the power-off protection and the voltage do not match.” Panic occurs during manual operation; during manual operation, the screen displays “Enter the power-off protection state, it may be that your power-off protection does not match the voltage”; the prompt screen displays the current operation status. Pressing any key doesn’t work

Solution: This usually occurs when the voltage fluctuates, similar to the case of power failure protection. Only when the voltage fluctuation is small will the screen prompt appear, but when the voltage fluctuation is too large, the screen cannot be displayed due to the reset circuit of the power management chip in the control card. After the working voltage of the control card is adjusted to 5.3v, the above problems are basically solved.

The above problems are inevitable in the process of CNC woodworking cutting machine. In order to avoid better maintenance of the working performance of the slitting machine, we should maintain good use and maintenance habits

In the process of using the CNC cutting machine, we cannot avoid the above problems, but in order to better maintain the working performance of the cutting machine, we can maintain good use and maintenance habits. Through regular inspection and maintenance, we can find and solve problems in time to avoid problems.

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