Do you need CNC stone engraving machine

CNC stone engraving machine is a professional CNC router for stone processing. This number control machine is mainly used in stone industry, slate processing industry, art relief, advertising, decoration industry, ceramics, inscription, garden project, large sculpture, handicraft carving, home decoration, movie and other industries.

Our CNC stone engraving machine can do three-dimensional relief, scorpion engraving, flat engraving, line engraving, flyback, drilling, embossed, lettering, hollow, cutting, seamless splicing, surface treatment, desktop milling, etc. Applicable materials include marble, granite, jade, blue sky, black stone, ceramics, glass, organic glass, PVC board, aluminum plastic plate, bamboo, agate, jade, artificial materials, synthetic materials, etc. Main features: fast, high precision, stability Strong, low noise, long service life.

Other hot numerical machine set: wood CNC machine, 4 axis CNC router, 5 axis CNC router machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, ATC CNC router.

CNC stone engraving machine Project

CNC stone engraving machine  CNC stone engraving machine  CNC stone engraving machine

CNC stone engraving machine  CNC stone engraving machine  CNC stone engraving machine

CNC stone engraving machine Work Video

Features and advantages

  1. Fast, high precision, strong stability, low noise, long service life.
  2. Automatic leveling function: It can correct the concave shape of any stone surface, projection and uneven slope. This software is based on floating automatic generation of the stone surface, which is in line with the surface characteristics of the stone.
  3. Suitable bed structure: Bed with high quality steel structure and double beam design, gantry and working surfaces are supported by strengthening beams. Therefore, it has the advantages of bearing load, no deformation, and high stability.
  4. Manufacturing capabilities: Adopt high-power drive systems with stable engraving, which has a larger torque force, smoother operation, accurate and powerful cutting point. The Y-axis uses a two-motor synchronous drive, with powerful power, high stability, and can achieve a process of 70mm granite thickness.
  5. Dragon Life: Use parts such as stainless steel sinks, protective boards, completely protect transmission parts and electrical components, so that the machine has longevity service life.
  6. Advanced Professional Control System: It can be compatible with software such as Type3 / ArtCam / Castmate / Pro-E / UG / CAD / IIIUSTRARER / Perai / Jingdiiao.
  7. Use full welding process and vibration aging treatment, the desk of the marble engraving machine is a T-shaped steel bracket. Therefore, it ensures that the machine operates stable performance, continuous knife, and maintains the production and processing surfaces very smooth when the machine operates at high speed.
  8. The CNC router stone engraving machine uses high-power horizontal torque spindle with a large bearing. And high speed, a large number of chips, and the motor is not easily damaged.
  9. CNC stone engraving machine is widely used in stone industries, slate processing industries, art embossed, advertising, decorative industries, ceramic industries.
  10. Stone lettering, stone sculpture, stone engraving, stone edge, stone line carving, stone cutting, stone lettering stone lettering.

Suitable materials:

  • Marble, granite, jade, mustard, black stone, etc., as well as ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum plastic plate, bamboo and other materials.
  • Hardstone such as granite can be carved to 5 mm layer
  • Marble, blue sky, etc. can be 5 mm at a time

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