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In the process of using the stone engraving machine, there will definitely be some problems, which is normal. When there is a problem, we must understand and solve it in time. Let’s take a look at it together.

stone engraving machineFirst. After machining, the stone engraving machine does not return to zero and does not return to the working origin

  1. Whether the limit switch is connected well and whether the limit switch is damaged
  2. Is the Weihong card damaged?
  3. Whether the parameters in the DSP handle are correct
  4. Check for cartographic file issues
  5. After the engraving is closed, Weihong presses the F7 key, and the DSP presses the confirm key to see if it can return to the origin

Second. The spindle cannot reach the specified speed

  1. Check whether the circuit on the inverter and wiring board is correct
  2. Readjust the internal parameters of the inverter
  3. The data cable wiring board of Weihong card is damaged, and the parameters in the DSP handle are reset incorrectly

stone engraving machine

Third. The square is not square, the circle is not round, and the sawtooth work has jitter

  1. Adjust the parallelism of the machine tool and check whether the slider, motor belt and coupling are loose or damaged
  2. Adjust the tightness of the three-point concentricity of the motor seat of each axis of the machine tool.
  3. The machine head cannot be returned to zero, and the engraving machine format is reduced or out of bounds. It may be that the “model” in the machine settings does not match the actual model.

Fourth. During the working process of Jinan engraving machine, the spindle motor suddenly stops or rotates slowly

Reason: The working voltage is unstable or overloaded, just add a voltage stabilizer.

Fifth. The engraving machine cannot engrave at the origin.

Reason: The layout size of the file matches the machine. Check if there is an offset (OFFSET) and if the layout is set correctly

Sixth. Jinan engraving machine makes abnormal noise or always disconnects the limit switch when starting and resetting.

Reason: The limit switch cannot be reached and can be corrected. The drive line is not in good contact, you can fix the drive line. The limit switch line is not connected properly, just connect the line. The limit switch is damaged and can be replaced.

Seventh. When Jinan engraving machine sets the origin, sometimes it moves forward or right, and the offset distance is not fixed.

Reason: The limit switch fails. During the system returning to the origin, the limit switch has been closed and opened. Just replace the limit switch. The drive cable is loose, try to fix it.

If you encounter such problems during operation, you also need to take relevant measures to solve them in time, which is also a kind of protection for the stone engraving machine to avoid major failures. The above is the solution to the problem of the stone engraving machine, you can refer to it. For more information about stone engraving machine, please consult Jiabang CNC.

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