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6 Differences Between Ordinary Woodworking Engraving Machine And Multi-process Engraving Machine

Woodworking engraving machine includes multi-process engraving machine. Multi-process engraving machine is a subcategory of woodworking engraving machine. The biggest difference between multi-process engraving machine and ordinary woodworking engraving machine is that it has more than 2 foreheads and can perform multi-process operations. Multi-process engraving machine is also called simple automatic tool-changing engraving machine. Through the control of the cylinder, the multi-head engraving spindle can be switched, and multiple processes can be processed on one engraving machine. In recent years, multi-process engraving machines have been widely used in the processing of panel furniture. So, what are the differences between multi-process engraving machines and ordinary engraving machines? Below we compare the differences between ordinary woodworking engraving machines and multi-process engraving machines from six aspects: machine hardware, processing materials, operating difficulty, processing effects, scope of use and application to customers.

  1. Machine hardware, the difference between the multi-process engraving machine and the ordinary engraving machine hardware is mainly in the foreman at work. The ordinary engraving machine has only one foreman, and the multi-process engraving machine has ≥2 foreheads.
  2. Processing materials, the multi-process engraving machine can process all materials that can be processed by ordinary engraving machines, and the multi-process engraving machine can also process various materials such as acrylic, PVC board, density board, artificial marble, aluminum board and so on.
  3. Difficulty of operation, the operation difficulty of multi-process engraving machine is the same as that of ordinary engraving machine. Both are controlled by computer system, and the operation is simple. If the comparison between function and operation difficulty is achieved by single, multi-process engraving machine needs It has more advantages.
  4. Processing effect, multi-process engraving machine and ordinary engraving machine can complete the basic functions of flat carving and cutting, but multi-process engraving machine can also complete more patterns, such as relief and shadow carving.
  5. Scope of application: In addition to processing ordinary doors and windows, cabinets, screens, furniture carvings, mold carvings, etc., the multi-process engraving machine can also perform complex woodworking art carvings, which are not possible with ordinary woodworking engraving machines.
  6. For customers, the multi-process engraving machine can complete all the engraving work that can be done by ordinary engraving machines, and it can also complete some complex engraving groups, so it is suitable for customers with complex engraving needs. Ordinary engraving machines are suitable for customers who do not have complex engraving needs.
Woodworking Engraving Machine
Woodworking Engraving Machine

In layman’s terms, multi-process engraving machines can automatically change tools during processing, while ordinary engraving machines cannot, requiring manual tool change.

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