What Is The Overall Structure And Principle Of The Engraving Machine For Stone

High precision engraving machine for stone select the best stone accessories, to minimize the failure rate. With 4.5KW water cooling spindle, strong cutting ability to ensure the long time working.

Engraving Machine For Stone

Engraving machine for stone,enjoying a high reputation in the market, is popular with many customers from different•countries. Stone CNC router machine is used for heavy weight of thetile,bluestone,granite and tombstones,also can process wood, MDF or cooper,have the strong structures.

The stone cnc router machine is a processing system that can load the CNC engraving program and automatically control the movement of the cnc router machine. It usually consists of an engraving program calculation system and a numerical control system. Its working principle is: the computer digitizes the required engraving graphics through the engraving software, generates the engraving program of each step (usually G code, HPGL format file), and transmits it through the USB interface or other data transmission interfaces (RS232, RS485, etc.) To the control system, the control system uses a specific algorithm to convert the input path information into numerical control information. The controller converts this information into a signal (pulse train) that drives a stepper motor or a servo motor, and controls the cnc router machine X, Y, z Three-axis feed. At the same time, the high-speed rotating spindle of the engraving machine for stone drives the tool equipped according to the processing material to mill the workpiece fixed to the machine body, which can engrave various flat or three-dimensional graphic characters designed on the computer. Realize the automatic processing of engraving.
The overall plan design of the stone cnc router machine control system
Known from the design index of this system, its goal is to design and develop a set of control features for stone cnc router machine, which can meet the control needs of cnc stone router machine and has a popular mid-range embedded cnc router machine numerical control system with high cost performance. Therefore, the system needs to start with speed, focusing on solving the problem of rapid movement, while taking into account the manufacturing cost of the system, so that the hardware cost is controlled within the expected range. It can be seen that the processing speed and cost control of the system are the key points that should be considered in the design of this system.

Engraving Machine For Stone

Steps For Correct Operation Of Engraving Machine For Stone:

1. First make sure that you have correctly connected the controller and the machine, and all the lines are connected properly, then turn on the power supply of the Stone CNC router machine and the controller.

2. After opening the controller NC-studio or DSP Hand controller, select the “return to machine origin” menu, this tombstone engraver machine will return to the origin and the coordinate system will be corrected automatically.

3. Fix the stone to the work table, and then determine the origin of processing. You can move the X axis and Y axis to the place you want to process, and then set it as the origin, and then you can start processing the stone .

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