Tips for processing on foam CNC router

Cutting packaging on the foam CNC router is a popular application. Router is an ideal machine that can use it to cut pockets and full depth configuration files, and if necessary, the complete 3D contour surface can be processed. Getting optimal results may sometimes be particularly difficult to new operators, so we have summarized a few techniques, which should help you run as soon as possible:

Hold material

It is essential to secure the foam in the foam CNC router bed. The problem of foam is some of which can be very light, sometimes porous, which makes it difficult to fix them with standard vacuum deck arrangements. The foam CNC router is likely to use a vacuum pump or blower. These have specific features that can affect how they are used with the foam. The blower will move more air than the pump, which means that if your foam is slightly porous, the blower can work better because it is subject to the smaller impact of the pump through the air leak through the vulnerability. Another effective way to improve the persistence of porous materials is to temporarily apply a low viscosity film to the material. This creates a good seal that allows pumps or blowers to create effective vacuum and can be easily removed after completion of the operation.

Selection of cutting heads

Some foams can be cut with a knife or foam CNC router and cut in some cases. Usually, the best device will be determined by the design of the finished product. For example, packaging typically requires a bag to cut into materials, in which case the wiring spindle should be used. For complete depth contour cutting oscillator, the oscillator is usually the best solution. The blade is 5 inches (120 mm), usually available, can be used to cut a complex shape having little or no waste.

Choice of foam CNC router cutting knife

Choosing a suitable cutting tool is very important and will directly affect the cutting quality. For example, if you select an upward spiral routing device, the upward force will apply to a material that may result in its lift and produce an unwanted contour or cut depth. Similarly, the downward spiral drill can push the material to decrease, resulting in removal of the desired material, and if the contour is cut, a larger pocket or a smaller portion is left.

For most bubbles, we recommend using double slots straight knives. This will only be applied to the small diameter force on the material and the smallest distortion of the cutting parts and leave a good smooth finger.

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