Furniture making

Furniture Making with a CNC Router

Furniture making is one of machine’s most popular applications. Our CNC Routers can be equipped with routing, boring, grooving, planning and sanding tools and are capable of simultaneous movements on symmetrical planes using multiple heads and automatic tool changers.

Furniture makingWoodworking is widely viewed as a hands-on craft that employs the use of many types of tools including saws, drills, routers and more. The use of CNC technology has made it possible to have all these jobs completed with great speed and precision. The quality, repeatability and speed that can be achieved using a CAMaster CNC Router is hard to ignore.

Take your woodworking to the next level using a CNC Router.

Furniture making

CNC Router Features

Woodworkers use CAMaster CNC Routers for their precision, efficiency and versatility. Its features and benefits include:

Design Customization

The CAMaster CNC Router, with advanced design software, can create output that cannot be replicated by the hand or by manual machines. This machine can produce any texture, size, and shape. All our CNC Routers include accessories and features to simplify and expedite your production process.

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Improved Accuracy

The machining using a CAMaster CNC Router can achieve 1/1000th accuracy and eliminate human error.

Fast Production of Uniform Products

A CAMaster CNC Router can deliver consistent, high-quality output of any quantity. Plus, each part perfectly matches the design specifications.

You can retrieve pre-loaded designs, regardless of factors such as machine-operator replacement, to recreate the exact objects every time.

Endurance and Durability

You only need to stop production for regular maintenance and repair. A CAMaster CNC Router can work 24/7 daily, on weekends, and even during holidays.

Operational Safety

CNC router users operate the machine at a distance away from the sharp tools, unlike manual machine operators who need direct contact with punches, lathes, drills, and other devices. Using a CAMaster CNC router thus creates a safe work environment for machine operators.

Low Labor Cost

One skilled CNC router operator can run several machines simultaneously while one programmer can work on designs for multiple machines. This means you can save on labor costs

Low Maintenance

CAMaster CNC routers are low maintenance and highly dependable. The machine needs a light cleaning, scheduled replacement of cutting tools, and regular maintenance that does not require professional service.

CNC Routers for Your General Woodworking Needs

When buying the ideal CAMaster CNC router for woodworking, choose one that satisfies your requirements – your cutting needs, materials you work with, and your budget.

If you need a CNC router that delivers efficiency, precision, high speed, and specialization for shorter working hours and a lower cost, look no further. We have a CAMaster CNC router right for you.

You can choose from our versatile lineup of CNC routers for entry-level, mid-size, and high production environments. To learn more about our products.

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